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Shop For A Cause: Vincent Peach's Queen Bee Collection Supports The Brett Boyer Foundation

Today, Vincent Peach Fine Jewelry has two locations in Nashville. The downtown location in Marathon Village is where most of Vincent’s designs are manufactured. His flagship retail boutique is located in Green Hills. His pieces also are sold in more than 100 luxury stores nationwide, including The Four Seasons Resorts.

The jeweler's exquisite designs are worn by celebrities, such as Steven Tyler, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire and Connie Britton.

His newest collections feature equestrian-inspired designs, chains, toggles, and diamonds, expertly put together for chic wearability.


  1. Queen Bee Necklace
    • In collaboration with The Brett Boyer Foundation, they are proud to present the “Queen Bee” Collection, designed exclusively to honor Sadie Brett Boyer's Bright Light. A portion of each sale will support the efforts of their mission in raising awareness for Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) and fund research to advance treatment options while spreading the love for the wonderful and capable people living with Down syndrome. For more information, visit TheBrettBoyerFoundation.org
    • The "Queen Bee" Necklace is available in 14kt Yellow Gold with Diamonds, 14kt White Gold with Diamonds, Sterling Silver with Diamonds, or Solid Sterling Silver. 
    • .15ct Round White Diamonds
    • $1,100.00 (Gold and Diamond) 
    • $250.00 (SS and Diamond)
    • $150.00 (SS)
  2. Vincent Peach Le' Michelle Stirrup Chain
    • 2.15ct Diamonds
    • Sterling Silver Bits and Chain
    • $3,250
  3. Vincent Peach Trojan Coin Earrings
    • Signature Vincent Peach Trojan Icon
    • 14kt Yellow Gold
    • $3,675.00
  4. Diamond Flower Ring
    • 2.99ct Diamonds
    • 18kt White Gold
    • $10,080
  5. Initial Necklaces
    • 14kt Yellow Gold, 18kt White Gold
    • .14ct Diamonds on the "E", or without
    • $297+ (for the E and goes up with the variety of letters/materials)
  6. Paperclip Necklace with Diamond Link
    • 1.48ct Diamonds
    • 14kt Yellow Gold Links
    • $7,200

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