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Unveiling Design Insights: Experts Share Tips for Elevating Living Spaces

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Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

Interior designers possess a unique ability to scrutinize every room they enter, an inherent aspect of their profession. This keen eye allows them to notice design nuances that often escape the untrained observer. In the absence of these design experts, how can we identify potential flaws in our living spaces?

To shed light on common design challenges, we've interviewed lifestyle tastemakers over the past year, gathering significant insights into interior design trends.

Furniture Proportions Matter:

Interior designers readily spot issues with badly proportioned furniture, a detail often overlooked by the untrained eye. Considerations about the room's footprint guide designers in selecting furniture that perfectly complements the space. For instance, Judith Balis of Bungalow Home Furnishings exemplifies her design philosophy, blending contemporary comfort with cherished antique finds. Achieving proportion extends to other elements like sofas and coffee tables where choosing the right scale is crucial for a harmonious space.

Caution with Paint Experiments:

The trend of accent walls has its ebb and flow, but many interior designers shy away from this approach. Jamie Batson of Dwell Home Co. shared with Lifestyle, "It's funny thinking back on my first two homes and how many different paint colors I experimented with – some were definitely better than others – and how my style has evolved over the years." Opting for monochromatic color schemes, where the same color saturates various elements in the room, is often suggested as a better alternative. This approach, when executed skillfully, can transform a room into a cohesive and visually appealing space.

Precision in Hanging Curtains:

The meticulous task of measuring curtains is a source of anxiety for designers, but the importance of getting it right cannot be overstated. Correctly hung curtains should be positioned 10 to 12 inches higher and wider than the window opening. This ensures proper coverage and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room. Attention to details like curtain length and horizontal rod extension contributes to a polished and well-designed space.

Art Placement: Not Too High, Not Too Low:

The placement of art on walls requires careful consideration of height. To achieve optimal placement, the center of the artwork should be roughly 60 inches from the floor. Employing museum putty or security fixings further ensures the stability of the artwork, preventing it from skewing from its intended position. Marlee Drake from the NEST shares that “It's important for balance and well-being for our clients and the way they function in their personal spaces.”

Illuminate with Lamps:

Lighting is unanimously considered a crucial aspect of interior design, capable of transforming the ambiance of a space. Christa Napier from Alloway Lighting Company makes it a point to create a more personal relationship with the lighting needs of her clients. A well-lit room contributes to a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while inadequate lighting can create a cold and stark impression. The strategic use of various light fixtures, including table lamps, picture lights, and floor lamps, is recommended to achieve layered and mood-enhancing lighting throughout a room.

By heeding these insights, homeowners can gain a better understanding of potential design pitfalls and elevate their living spaces with thoughtful and intentional choices.

Unveiling insights from lifestyle tastemakers. Learn the nuances of furniture proportions, paint caution, curtain precision, art placement, and the transformative magic of lighting. Elevate your living spaces with thoughtful choices.

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