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Summer Vibes

Fresh and Fab

Spring and summer are my favorite fashion seasons because of the clothes!  They are effortless, lightweight, easy to pack for a summer getaway.  A typical day in July requires fashion that is super comfy made from fabric that breathes like silk, cotton and linen. T. Boutique, located in Alpharetta always curates a great summer collection that makes sense for Georgia’s weather. So sit back, have a glass of very chilled wine or an Aperitif Spritzer and shop away from your home! Let’s get this Summer Vibe Look going. 

Read on to find exactly what pieces would be perfect for you during this hot month of July!

1. This white dress is perfection. Designed by  Fabiana Filippi, it is amazing for more than one reason. It’s a" two-for” dress since it comes with a lightweight short sleeve sweater so you can completely change your look or pop on for a chilly evening.  And… drum roll please… it has pockets.  Nicely finished off with shoes by the same designer, this look can go from brunch to dinner, to a stroll on the beach (sans heels). Fabiana’s clean lines make her pieces effortless and timeless which makes her pieces worth the investment.

2. Green is my favorite color simply because it comes in so many different hues. This light aloe tone is a perfect summer green and flattering for most skin tones. At first glance, this looks like a jumpsuit, but it’s actually a two-piece outfit. Perfect for a night out on a patio or rooftop cocktails. L’AGENCE is known for its spectacular silks and smart fabrics.  

3. There is plenty for you guys who want to look decent working from home or running an errand to the local hardware. Cotton Citizen is a name to know for both men and women. Cotton citizen tees come in a variety of colors and they wash super well. They pair perfectly with a 5 pocket pant, denim and shorts. Let’s just put it this way..they are a definite upgrade from a regular dumb tee.

4. I love this new men’s line T. Boutique is carrying the  Linen Shirt Filetto Nero Naturale. 100% Linen. The Bottega shirt is made of the lightest weight linen. It’s total perfection! And the best thing about linen is that it is supposed to look wrinkled so throw on and go!  We paired it back to The Drawstring Pant in Army by Frame Denim for an easy laid back yet sophisticated vibe.