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A New Look

This Home Gets a Fresh, Clean, Timeless Design

When Diane and Roy Fuchs undertook their recent remodel, it was unexpected. They had been looking to add large glass sliding patio doors to their home and headed to a neighbor who had just installed the same feature to see if they liked it.

They loved the look of the doors—but fell in love with the remodel the neighbor had completed.

“We fell in love with the design,” Diane says. “And, our home is the same floor plan.”

Inspired by the look of that home, Diane and Roy reached out to Dena Thomas of Dena Thomas Designs (

They kept the footprint of all the spaces but renovated almost everything else—only two bedrooms changed just paint and flooring. There were numerous niches and arches throughout, all which were either removed or straightened.

“My inspiration was a classic design known for its moody atmosphere and stark contrasts,” says Thomas. “Notice the kitchen with the tech wood textures on both the custom hood and the island with a classic waterfall edge. We also did a hidden garage for the small appliances, and a glass rinser and USB pop-up on the island. There is also a hidden bookcase down the wall designed with the tech wood that reflects wainscoting.”

The couple loves the changes.

“I feel like I’m living in a model home,” Diane says. “The fireplace and the lights beside it are more than I would ever expect—it’s absolutely gorgeous. I love my countertops and the big work sink. I love that we did white, and went up with my backsplash behind the stove and added LED lights. The tiles in our bathrooms are awesome and unique, and the wallpaper by the piano is so beautiful. There are also magnets on the door stops, which is so handy when we bring in groceries.”

The finished remodel is “fresh, clean, timeless, and sophisticated, allowing for a minimal aesthetic,” says Thomas. “It’s a neutral backdrop, making it easy to incorporate various decor and art.”