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Galaxy Flicks

Lights, Camera, Fun!

What do you get when you mix an inflatable bounce house with a 220-inch movie theater screen, delivered straight to your home or venue? In short, a world of possibilities. 

Whether you’re putting on a block party for the cul de sac, a birthday gathering for a loved one, or a gaming tournament for the neighborhood gamers, Galaxy Flicks has you covered. Owners Danny and Shirley rent out two inflatable movie theater-grade screens with speakers, both 14-feet tall and 220 inches diagonally, for a range of events and celebrations.

What’s more, each screen features four HDMI ports that allow them to split into quadrants. You can hook up multiple consoles for multiplayer gaming, or put on four different football games for a fantasy night to remember. 

Danny, who moved to Denver with Shirley and their children in 2017, ran a similar business in Ohio called Columbus Movie Night. His inspiration is simple: providing fun for his kids, and now the surrounding Denver community. He says, “I’ve always been focused on fun, and love overdoing things for my kids. I just wanted to do something fun and memorable.” Back in Ohio, which hosts a big tailgate scene, the duo would use their screens for football games and other sporting events. Still, it was mostly a side business before the family came to Denver, where business started to kick up.

With summer winding down, Danny and Shirley are getting creative for their offseason this fall and winter. Business booms from May through October, but once fall rolls around, business starts to fall off. Hosting an outdoor movie night during the winter months isn’t ideal, after all. Even the late summer months make showings more difficult; it needs to be dark outside for the screen to work, and around August, the sun doesn’t set until after 8:00 p.m. 

To counter these seasonal gaps in business, the duo is aggressively planning to bring outdoor parties indoors. According to Danny and Shirley, churches and schools with auditoriums will be their ticket to off-season movie and gaming nights: “We need auditoriums and bigger spaces that can house large groups. We’re actually looking to work with local after school programs with video game parties on-campus, during snack and lunch breaks. The possibilities are far and wide.”

For more information on Galaxy Flicks, what they offer, and how it works, visit their website at You can also keep up with them on Instagram at @galaxyflicksmovienight, look them up on Facebook, or contact Danny and Shirley directly at (720) 861-0905.