Gather Round

For BoomAtomic, backyard fire pits and mid-century modern design brings people together.

Leading architects and landscape designers are forever looking for creative ways to merge indoor and outdoor environments to create exciting new settings. Enter BoomAtomic, the Dallas-based metal art sculpture and fabrication company becoming widely known for its beautiful fire pits and outdoor furniture.

“We have an unquenchable love of nature and God’s creations in their natural setting,” founder Tim Green says. “Our spirits calm down and open up in such environments.”

BoomAtomic believes relationships are everything, and well-built backyard fire pits are the perfect way to bring people together and enhance the most precious bonds between loved ones. At BootAtomic, the belief is that conversations over crackling wood fires warm hearts, brighten moods, and help make good friends even friendlier.

“A well-designed, wood-burning fireplace is still as wonderfully effective a focal point for a house as it was in the great architecture of the 1950s and 1960s,” says Green, a native Texan who has always been

intrigued by the mid-century aesthetic. “I grew up watching all the classic programs of the era such as The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy, Bewitched, and more. It was truly the ‘Atomic Age.’ NASA and the world’s race into space were at their peak. New discoveries were affecting lives with exciting frequency.”

Green was hooked. Creativity in architecture, materials and furnishings was also new and scintillating to him. “I discovered Atomic Ranch magazine, and it was love at first sight. I still read every issue and get inspiration.”

And Dallas became the perfect place to start and develop BoomAtomic thanks to the impeccable sense of style of its residents. “The mid-century culture is strong here and the desire for top-quality products is, too,” Green says.

BoomAtomic fire pits are built by hand in Dallas. Precision is vital, so the metal is laser cut on a million-dollar machine in the Design District. The process not only produces a consistent product but allows for a level of detail that is up to BoomAtomic’s rigid technical standards. 

“BoomAtomic products are designed and built for the quality of lifestyle that thrives in Park Cities neighborhoods—well known for its unique artistic forms and lovely homes—which is why we market directly to people in the region,” Green explains. “We also do custom-designed fire pits, wood-burning and natural gas.”

Choosing the right type of fire pit design really depends on how frequently it will be used, where it will be positioned, the budget, and the local fire codes that must be observed. All of these requirements demand a company like BoomAtomic with deep roots and expertise.

Contact BoomAtomic at (214) 937-9727 or BoomAtomic.com.

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