Get an Immunity Boost at The Houstonian Club

Houston's premier fitness and wellness facility offers immunity-boosting therapies to help stay healthy this cold and flu season.

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The cooler months are here, signaling shorter days, trading tank tops for sweaters, and the beginning of cold and flu season. For many, this is also a time when immunity support is top of mind. The Houstonian Club offers various solutions to bolster immunity during this season.

Immunity support and wellness issues of all kinds can be addressed at The Covery by The Houstonian Club. The first of its kind in Texas, The Covery is an immersive wellness destination for members and registered hotel guests. It focuses on keeping its clients healthy and productive through various services for the mind and body. 

"At The Houstonian Club, we strive to provide the most value to our members by offering an all-encompassing experience to meet their health and wellness goals," said Cher Harris, Houstonian Club General Manager. "The Covery aligns with our mission at The Houstonian Club to promote longevity and look at wellness in a new, innovative way. They complete our extensive range of health and fitness services and programs offered at The Houstonian Club. Their innovative services look at wellness in a new light to promote longevity and provide overall wellness for our membership."

In addition to immersive treatments at The Covery, The Houstonian Club offers over 180 weekly group exercise classes, personal fitness instruction, indoor and outdoor tennis, three temperature-controlled pools, and so much more, all with the same goal – to keep its members and guests healthy year-round. 

From cutting-edge IV therapy to expert nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, learn more about how The Houstonian Club ensures a strong defense against the elements this winter.

Immunity and Ultra Immunity IV Therapies at The Covery

Offered at The Covery, these IV therapies give a boost to the immune system with one liter of electrolyte fluid, which is extremely hydrating to the body and includes the core vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that aid the immune system in fighting off infections or viruses: Vitamin C, B-Complex, Zinc and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC). 


For those seeking even more immunity support, The Ultra Immunity IV drip features the items listed above and seven other elements, including lysine, glutathione, B12, arginine, taurine, glutamine, and alpha lipoic acid. It is a powerful combination that helps stimulate the body's natural defense system.


Get a Tri-Immune Boost at The Covery 

For those short on time, The Covery also offers an intramuscular injection called the Tri-Immune Boost, which consists of Vitamin C, Zinc, and one of the most potent antioxidants, glutathione. It provides the same immunity-boosting power as the IV drips in a quick shot. 

According to Taylor Decell, BSN, RN, Manager and Lead Nurse of The Covery by The Houstonian Club, prevention is critical. She recommends immunity therapy before or after travel and when clients know they have been exposed to people who are sick. She also advises them for clients who feel like they might be getting sick or are recovering from an illness.

Support Immunity Naturally with Nutrition and Lifestyle Choices 

Denise Hernandez, Registered Dietitian, M.S., L.D. at The Houstonian Club offers insight into supporting the immune system with a healthy lifestyle. Hernandez emphasizes the importance of specific nutrients as our allies in fortifying the body's natural defenses. Vitamins C, D, and E, selenium, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids are essential in a healthy immune system. Not only does having adequate amounts of these nutrients in the diet decrease the risk of infection once exposed, but they also allow the immune system to function at its best when there is an infection. 


Relax on a Soothing Sound Journey 

The Houstonian Club offers a comprehensive range of asana and meditation classes that support all physical activity levels. While some classes focus on the yoga postures with athletic practices, the most popular classes are the more physically mild ones, with more time devoted to breathwork and meditation. Their newest offering, Sound Journey, uses the sound and vibration of alchemy bowls to soothe the participants' nervous systems' during a meditative 15 to 45-minute session. These classes speak to the power of being present - even for just a few moments during full days - and the simple yet effective methods of meditation and mindfulness as stress relief. 

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