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Get Ready to Shred!

The 2019 MasterCraft XStar, a Pro-Level Wakeboard Boat

Article by Richard Meyer

Photography by Provided by Prestige Water Sports

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

It's hard to find a watercraft that can top the thrill of a modern wakeboarding boat. If you want to wakesurf 8-13 mph and go for your first 360-spin or even kick up the speed to 18-23 mph and master your inverts, you’re going to need a wake boat.

Wake boats have many unique features that don’t exist on other boat types: unique hull technology, ballasts, pumps, trim tabs, plates, towers and cruise control. Combine those features with an outrageous sound system, and it’s all smiles from there.  

The technology is designed to create the perfect wake, no matter what your skill level or which watersport you choose. Add up to 16 passengers, and you have a recipe for all-day family fun at the lake.

The fifth generation 2019 Mastercraft XStar is a prime example of a pro-level wakeboard boat that also has a Gen 2 Surf system that makes it a perfect wakesurfing boat. With the touch of a button, custom waves are paired to profiles, so no matter your size, age or ability level, the entire family gets to shred.

Information and photos provided by Prestige Water Sports

The Specs

Model: 2019 MasterCraft XStar

Boat Length: 23 feet

Weight: 5,800 pounds plus a 4,100-pound ballast

Transmission: V-Drive

Fuel: Gas; capacity is 76 gallons