Getting Fit, From the Bottom Up

Chelsea Gomes offers a wide range of fitness classes for women

Move over boot camp-style fitness, Booty Camp is here and at least one local trainer is getting to the bottom of this new fitness trend.

“There’s a large focus on booty-building these days,” says Chelsea Gomes, a wellness and fitness coach with a studio here in Glastonbury. “Women want to focus on booty building, so glute training is in demand."

Booty Camp is only one part of an overall health and wellness approach Chelsea takes with her clients. She is the in-house trainer at Get Tight Spa in West Hartford. The med spa allows Chelsea to accelerate her client's fitness goals through a regimen that includes EmSculpt, a high intensity electromagnetic therapy procedure which can enlarge muscles, as well as grow new muscle fibers.

As a wellness coach, she helps women tailor their workouts for goals that typically don’t center around just losing weight.

“Women today are more focused and aware of sustainable fitness goals which can be tailored to them specifically, not just trying to drop the pounds and get skinny. Most are looking to achieve certain physiques and I'll have new clients send me a picture of what their body goals are.”

She offers in-person, one-on-one and small group training, as well as virtual classes, “which a majority of my clients have been taking advantage of due to the pandemic. The virtual workouts are individually based on both their goals and availability of equipment. Booty Camp is also available virtually, meeting Monday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.”

While women typically, as a demographic, have shied away from lifting weights, that has changed, Chelsea said.

“Women now realize it's not going to make them bulky and muscular. My clients enjoy high intensity training in combination with weight lifting to promote muscle growth.”

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