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Feet Never Take A Day Off And This Podiatric Team Can Help Keep Them Functioning

Healing the world one step at a time through friendly, attentive care is the mission of a trio of podiatrists in Brentwood. Cutting Edge Foot and Ankle Clinic medical team members at 1001 Health Park Drive, Suite 330, assure they offer premier podiatric care in a comfortable, convenient and compassionate setting. This team of licensed professionals specializes in addressing global podiatric concerns in infants, children, teens and adults.

"We take pride in diagnosing and treating a variety of foot problems, as well as educating patients on preventative techniques," says Nashville’s own hometown professional Dr. Yerusalem Lanier, DPM.

Along with Dr. David Farnen, Dr. Ethan Hyde and Morgan Hubble, FNP-BC, Cutting Edge Foot and Ankle Clinic patients can receive well-rounded, thorough care for foot, ankle and lower leg medical issues, says Dr. Lanier. Together, they address a myriad of podiatric challenges, spanning overall foot and ankle care; heel pain; skin conditions; arthritis; plantar warts; Achilles tendinitis; flatfoot; bunions; Morton’s neuroma; diabetic foot care and orthotics. They also handle surgeries and treat injuries, including broken bones and trauma conditions.

"It's important to identify and treat root causes associated with pain. For example, ankle pain can be, but doesn’t have to be, the result of an injury. While fractures and sprains cause ankle pain, ankle aches could be the result of arthritis or an autoimmune condition," says Dr. Farnen. 

Through the clinic's concierge service, Dr. Hyde says they offer patients extended time with doctors during appointments and convenient access to doctors outside of appointments. "We also offer same- or next-day visits with minimal wait time during the week, and we work closely with patients to guide medical care in tandem with individual lifestyles and wellness habits."

Additionally, this team says they can coordinate medical care, facilitate scheduling with medical and surgical specialists, and interface with other doctors on their patients' behalf.

More About The Providers

Dr. Yerusalem Lanier:  She's devoted her life’s work to ensuring the health and wellness of the foot and ankle and has grown into a leader in her field. She says it was her love for her parents who have had many complications with their feet, from ailments such as gout and diabetes, that sparked her willingness and passion for helping others. She completed undergraduate studies in Nashville at Fisk University. She graduated from Kent State Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, then progressed to residency in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at St. Vincent Hospital outside Boston in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Dr. David Farnen:  He's a board-qualified foot and ankle surgeon by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, board-certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine with a subspecialty in limb salvage, wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapies. He specializes in all aspects, both surgical and non-surgical foot and ankle care. He says his focus is dermatological pathologies, diabetic foot care, wound care, and innovative technologies in foot and ankle care. He's also a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

Dr. Ethan Hyde:  He has an extensive background in diagnosing, and treating a tremendous variety of pathologies of the lower extremity. During his residency, he had extensive exposure to traumatic injuries, as well as difficult reconstructions. He says he has a passion for wound care, diabetic limb salvage, simple and complex foot reconstructions, sports medicine, and advanced minimally invasive techniques. He's a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association as well as the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

Morgan Hubble:  She's an ANCC board-certified family nurse practitioner. She says she believes everyone deserves high-quality foot care, adding that her passion is caring, serving and helping her patients with various foot ailments to provide relief and comfort. She specializes in routine foot care, including nail trimming, callus and corn removals, fungal treatments, ingrown nails and diabetic foot examinations. She's known for her exceptional patient interactions and the personal relationships she builds with each patient. 

The Cutting Edge Foot and Ankle Clinic team operates four other locations in middle Tennessee. Dr. Lanier founded the clinic in 2019. She was recognized as one of the “3 Best Podiatrists in Nashville.” The overall business now embodies 30-plus employees, who can accommodate same-day appointments for the most painful foot or ankle problems. 


"We love to catch things early. Anyone with diabetes should get regular care to prevent potentially life and limb-threatening complications."

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