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Hit the Road with Lifestyle Cycles

Shop an extensive selection of pristine, pre-owned Harley-Davidson and American V-Twin motorcycles at Lifestyle Cycles.

Riding motorcycles is about so much more than transportation—it’s a lifestyle in itself.

Anyone who has been on a bike will tell you that there’s something indescribable about forging your own adventure with endless stretches of road before you, making lifelong memories along the way.

Lifestyle Cycles is California’s #1 pre-owned Harley Davidson and American V-Twin dealership, pairing motorcycle enthusiasts with their perfect match on a daily basis—which starts by creating a customer experience that embodies that lifestyle.

“From the moment you enter the parking lot, you’ll know that Lifestyle Cycles isn’t your average motorcycle dealership. It’s a complete, immersive motorcycle cultural experience! Walking through the front doors, you’ll immediately be greeted by the friendly Lifestyle Cycles team members welcoming you not only into our place of business but ultimately into our family.”

“We’ve got it all, everything from mild to wild! Whether you’re looking for a completely tricked-out Street Glide, an old-school ‘Gangster-style’ Deluxe, or just a bone stock ready-to-ride motorcycle, we’ve got them all and a whole lot more at ‘private party’ prices.”

Most importantly, the crew at Lifestyle Cycles is passionate about what they do—and it shows.

“Many businesses have a style of their own—ours is all about the two-wheel lifestyle,” says LC Marketing Manager Richard.

“We love being on the open road with the wind in our hair.  Experience beautiful landscapes and weather through the eyes of a biker!”

In addition to offering an impressive selection of Harleys, Lifestyle Cycles also provides everything you need to get into the groove.

“We’ve drawn inspiration from the love of motorcycles to become a one-stop destination for bikes, parts, and apparel,” says Richard.

“We have a full apparel department to keep you safe on the road, and the best parts department with everything you need to fix or upgrade your bikes.”

With 23 years of repairing bikes and expertise in selling Harley Davidson motorcycles under their belts, LC team members are steadfast supporters of the motorcycle community.

Junior, the Owner, Swede, Parts Department Manager, and Mike, the Service Manager, along with Richard, work diligently to show their support by delivering superior customer service.  

“We pay attention to what the customer needs and we get them dialed in to hit the road safely.”

Lifestyle Cycles has made a name for itself as a family-oriented, kid-friendly, local business in Anaheim that supports and honors all Veterans.

Their well-deserved reputation is one they hope to continue to see grow and flourish in the future.

“Our vision is to become the most well-recognized for great customer service, love for the community, and biggest used Harley dealership in the region.”

Once you’ve found your dream bike, the LC crew invites you to kick things up a notch by joining their Lifestyle Cycles Riding Group.

“We have one of if not the BEST riding groups around—more than 4,100 members strong in multiple states and countries. We’ve got rides for everyone, from quick lunchtime rides to a favorite BBQ joint or an evening trip out for Taco Tuesday, to longer full-day and weekend rides to some of the most scenic and best riding spots in all of California, as well as surrounding states. We even do a few overnight runs, as well.”

Additionally, LC does multiple charity rides each year to support organizations across the greater Orange County area.

Are you interested in buying a bike, but not located in Southern California?

“We offer worldwide motorcycle shipping! We’ve been doing this for 23 years, so we know how to safely deliver your bike right to your door.”

LC will also coordinate buying and selling your bike. “We have a great consignment program that will get your motorcycle comprehensive local and international exposure. Looking to sell right away? We also buy bikes outright. Whatever your choice, Lifestyle Cycles has you covered.”

“We’ve got it all, everything from mild to wild! We’ve drawn inspiration from the love of motorcycles to become a one-stop destination for bikes, parts, and apparel,” says Richard.

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