Holiday Hair Styles

Get The Skinny Regarding Hair To Dare Looks

Vintage Styles Are Back

The holiday season is a perfect time to try out festive new looks that one wouldn't necessarily wear the rest of the year. Following are a few to consider:

  • Ballerina Bun:  Like a traditional dancer's bun, hair can be brushed into a low twisted bun, secured with clear elastic and accessorized with pearl or shiny barettes. Spray and dance away. 
  • Topknot Bun:  Pull hair up to top; place a bow at the bottom of the bun, and let some tressels flow down from the bun. 
  • French Braid Bun:  Match wardrobe with a complementary, skinny silk scarf braided into hair. Pull hair up at bottom for loose bun.
  • Half-Up Style:   Twist two pieces of hair from each side and secure in back with clear elastic. Finish with a ribbon to match holiday outfits.
  • Easy Waves:  Coat wet hair in a styling lotion and let it dry in two or three braids. Gently tussle hair. 
  • Side-Swept Hairstyle:  Highlights the jawline, yielding a slender look and also accentuates earrings and necklaces.
  • Hair Accessories:  Explore what goes with a hairstyle, from black velvet ties to diamond pins to pearl headbands.


Dominic Michael Salon


Dominic Bertani, DMS owner, says they've sought to provide the highest quality salon services since opening in 1982. Clients rave online about their team's professionalism and friendliness. 

Citing two sizzling hair styles for the holidays, DMS stylists believe high ponytails and curly lobs will be popular. "We can give your hair the volume and products you need to pull off these looks," Dominic adds. "With ponytails, you can wear them straight, wave them up or curl them."

A front hair bump also can be added for a classy touch.

Dominic says curly lobs show off the authentic textures of a person's mane and can be shaped into stunning looks. 

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