How to Be Green in the Workplace

With Earth Day coming up, many of us think of ways to make our lifestyle at home more “green,” but what about our workplace? At Employers Council, we strive to make our office eco-friendly and encourage others to do the same. A few simple changes can go a long way and they’re easier to implement than you think.

Minimize Paper Usage

Instead of distributing paper handouts or printing pages of online material, make it a priority to keep everything digital. Whether it is sending out information via email or taking notes online, there are plenty of ways to use less paper. Not only is this great for our planet, but electronically stored documents can be more easily searched which helps with organization.

Use Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Next time you’re in need of fresh office supplies, opt for biodegradable materials such as recyclable pens. If your company uses a significant amount of plastic cutlery and paper plates, suggest purchasing a permanent set reusable plates, utensils and mugs. While you’re at it, include a set of glassware to replace plastic bottles and consider ditching those plastic straws.

Reuse Materials

Make it a goal to save and reuse materials from large meetings or conferences. Rather than using disposable sticker name tags, consider refillable name badges on lanyards or clips that can be turned in at the end of a session. This is better for the environment and your bottom line as well.

Utilize Working from Home and Virtual Meetings

Commuting to and from work takes a heavy toll on our environment. Talk with your boss about working from home at least one day a week to cut down on fuel emissions or look for a carpooling partner. Additionally, rather than flying everyone in for that next strategy meeting, explore using videoconferencing to loop in those who work virtually. This saves time, expense and reduces your carbon footprint. 

These are just a few easy changes you can make to create a “green” movement in the office that can have a positive impact on the environment.  

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