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Introducing Cedar Park City Lifestyle's photographer, Myke Toman

As a career photographer, Myke Toman began Toman Imagery (alongside his wife, Lara Toman) with a vision to create a very special and dynamic commercial photography brand. The pair, originally from Houston, met in 2006 and discovered that they shared a deep love for the lens. They married in 2008, and their shared visual talents and working chemistry easily seemed to be the perfect match.

Already degreed in commercial photography, Myke had a keen and developed knack for capturing commercial and corporate images. Meanwhile, Lara was a seasoned publisher’s creative, writer, and portrait artist. They embarked on the adventure of a lifetime as life and business partners. Collectively, they have since operated a full-service studio for 17 years as a thriving commercial marketing photo company.

Myke enjoys the production aspect of creating indelible imagery for their clients. Lara handles PM/PR and logistics, while Myke wields the camera for their commercial and corporate projects across greater Texas.

Over the years, their work has graced the covers of dozens of magazines and national billboards, and boosted global branding for innumerable household names such as Tesla, HEB, Igloo, Amazon, and DHL. Like many of their fellow photographers, they are a living witness to the ever-changing, digital photo world. Now a licensed FAA drone pilot photographer as well, Myke finds Cedar Park, Texas to be the preferred up-and-coming homestead where there is, what he calls, “a beautiful culmination of businesses big and small that need better quality images to tell their wonderful stories.”

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