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Insurance, everyone treated like family

Independent insurance agency handling all your insurance needs.

Loving your work and your community means making sure everyone—and everything—you care about is properly protected.

JCA Insurance Services, serving the local Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills communities, provide that safeguard with dependable personal insurance solutions for families (including Auto, Home, Life, Health, and Boat coverage), as well as small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Business coverage options include Business Insurance, Workers’ Compensation, Group Health, Business Auto, Bonds, and more.

To JCA Insurance Services’ owner, John Crawley, there’s something special about loving what you do and where you do it—especially when the two go hand-in-hand.

John has been an integral part of the Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills community for over 35 years, having lived and raised his children in the area while building his business.

Even the name “JCA” is built on family ties. The name represents family members’ initials—those of founder John, son Chris, and daughter Arianna.

Although many years have passed during his time living locally, John is particularly proud of an enduring component of the community—the sense of family and togetherness.

“The communities have grown so much over that time, but its greatest strength is the family community. It is where people come to raise their families. In addition, there has been so much growth of small businesses that [in turn] support the communities.”

John is also grateful for the professional community in which he has learned so much and developed key relationships.

“I am fortunate to be a part of a small network of insurance professionals from around the country. We share ideas and methods. It is exciting to see how involved Insurance professionals are in their business and communities,” he says.

John cites his father as his greatest source of inspiration to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

“He started in the insurance business when I was young,” John recalls. “I grew up in the industry. His approach to everyone was warm and welcoming. He worked so hard and raised nine children. His greatest joy was his family! He ran his business with that foundation.”

Fueled by the support of his community, his father’s legacy, and his driven, dedicated JCA team, John is on a mission to deliver the best insurance coverage and options to yet another major source of his inspiration—small business owners.

“We provide insurance to many small business owners. They are the hardest working people I have ever met! Restaurant owners, engineers, architects, contractors, attorneys, and [many more],” says John.

“All of these people have one thing in common—the desire to work hard and provide for their families and staff. I enjoy watching their businesses grow and seeing them achieve the success of their dreams.”

Instead of worrying about what their insurance competitors are up to, JCA Services chooses to look within—by focusing on their business and their clients’ needs.

Staying focused on what really matters starts by reiterating the core values the company was built upon—experience, family, and security.

“Our agency is built around the client's emotional experience,” notes John.

“Do they trust our recommendations? Do they feel satisfied working with us and secure in our service? To ensure every client answers ‘yes,’ we must be knowledgeable and confident in the products we represent, providing the best technology to meet their needs,” he says.

With the new year already underway, the company hopes to further strengthen its community ties throughout 2022.

JCA plans to achieve this goal by immersing themselves in more local events, as well as kicking off their “No Texting and Driving” and “Safe Driving” Campaigns mid-year.

To ensure clients have consistent, convenient access to their insurance professionals, JCA offers seven different modes of communication—phone, text messaging, email, fax, website, live chat, and a mobile app are all readily available.

JCA Insurance Services is a company clients can clearly depend on while feeling confident that they’ll always be treated just like family.  

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