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Cornerstone Fitness Studio Caring Professionals Can Help With Weight Loss And Strength

Taking care of health in a complete manner through body, soul and spirit is the promise of trainers at Cornerstone Fitness Studio. Owner Paul Elmore says they offer exceptional one-on-one personal training, small group training, youth training, agility honing, metabolism reset and nutritional coaching.

"We operate the gym to help people grow in genuine love of life and other people. Fitness is a good avenue for that," Paul explains. 

He adds that services also include customized strength training, diet planning and weight loss, along with supplements and meal options. 

"We strive to help our clients identify lifestyles that fit their needs so they can still enjoy their lives while they reach their goals," explains Paul. 

This studio in Bargersville was launched during 2019, and serves clients in Johnson and Morgan counties, specifically Bargersville, Greenwood, Center Grove, Whiteland, Franklin and Mooresville. The staff there has coached youths as young as 6 years old, as well as semiprofessional bodybuilders. They also assist people with different physical developments, such as helping a 72-year-old woman recover after back surgery and mothers with newborns who want to regain strength and slim down. 

Paul says client pricing is based on the estimated number of hours someone wants to use the gym per month. He adds that flexibility in schedules and dates is intentionally built in. Clients have the convenience of being set up on auto-pay, and one month's hours can be extended to the next month, should unforeseen circumstances or schedule changes occur. 

As a passionate health professional himself, Paul has a decade of experience in the fitness industry. He says his fitness journey took him from Illinois to Indiana, Florida, Ohio and then finally back to Indiana.

"In all the time I spent training in different states, one thing became very clear to me, that people need much more than just diets and exercise routines," he states, indicating he intentionally focuses on assisting clients to achieve better lives through motivation, education and leadership. 

One fitness trend in 2024 is people seeking more ‘real’ plant-based foods and beverages that feature wholesome vegetables, pulses, nuts, seeds and other plants, compared to ultra-processed plant-based choices.

"We take an intentional stair-step approach with incorporating plant-based foods into diets. By that, I mean we set a goal for the next level of healthy choices that each person is ready for. That way, everyone can succeed in making changes, and we celebrate each of those solid steps. Then we go on to the next level of change," Paul says. 

Another fitness trend for this year is closing the protein gap for older adults. 

"The objective is to have lean body mass, and that's based off of current muscle, no matter someone's age. One of our most in-shape clients is a 70-year-old man who has 12 percent body fat and who benches 300 pounds," Paul says, noting that he and this client have been working together to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fitness regimen for the past 13 years. 

Gastroenterologists predict more emphasis for the remainder of this year will be devoted to well-rounded, sustainable diets, such as the Mediterranean diet, because studies indicate this comprehensive approach is the best way to eat. Paul says the Cornerstone approach has never been about fad diets. In fact, he's happy to assist clients even with the best protein options to choose at restaurants. 

"We've had a lot of success in helping people learn how to eat healthier within their busy lifestyles," he adds. 

Since changes prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, group workouts continue to return in popularity as more people crave interactions with other people and realize how important relationships, connections and having a supportive community are. Paul says they've always navigated that aspect by providing accommodating schedules or customized hours.

The Cornerstone Fitness team also provides sleep and stress management tips. "If I notice someone seems stressed out in the gym, I may ask them if everything's OK. They can open up or not, but for most people, it's helpful to have a third-party person to talk to. We've had plenty of tears in the gym, given how many of life's challenges and tragedies knock us down," Paul says. 

"Along with fitness, for us, it's about relationships. We deliberately have a relaxed gym environment and oftentimes organic friendships develop. We're very honest with clients. Sometimes, consistency is the main goal. It's just how life should be," professes Paul. "We just want others to do something to better than themselves and we're happy to help them learn how to move in safe, beneficial ways."


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