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Kaleidoscope of Colors

Always having a love for the holiday spirit and working outside, Richard Francis Charles stewed on a bright idea in the fall of 2013. He knew firsthand the dangers of climbing ladders, the frustrations of tangled lights, the endless hours required to circle each tree, and the daunting task of keeping up with the life-size Lite Brite next door. And so, he founded Mile High Holiday Lights, LLC. The business set out to relieve clients of their holiday lighting anxiety and stress so they can spend time on what matters most: being with loved ones.  

Mile High Holiday Lights is a customer-service based company first and foremost. They pride themselves on providing all customers with the tools they need to make sure their house is bright and festive, adorned with holiday spirit, and attractive for the passer-byers. Whether it’s a business, a residence, or a courtyard in need of glowing, Rich and his team of professionals are ready to untangle and climb and circle and hit the switch! Pick the colors and pick the package and let Mile High Holiday Lights do the rest!

Ease and convenience are additional priorities for this Denver serving company. Professional installation, complete with automated timers, means that families never have to worry once the lights are strung, for once it’s dark, the holiday spirit will illuminate the neighborhood while families make memories. Customers may provide their own lights and leave the untangling games to the experts; the option to rent lights is another service that Rich and his team extend to residents and that many take advantage of. Any of the baseline packages can be left as-is or expanded upon to accommodate the custom needs and vision of each resident or business.

Workers are regularly on-call to immediately address any issues that may arise after installation. From simple to complex designs and from minimalist looks to extravagant masterpieces, it is all up to you the customer! Mile High Holiday Lights has you covered and is ready to get you lit!

Tips from Owner Rich:

  1. Oversaturate! The more lights the better! If you try to scatter your lights just to make it work economically, it will look underdone.  If you’re wanting to fully light a structure, be prepared to add several strands of lights.   

  2. Plan! Have a plan for your custom design, and don’t forget to consider the logistics associated with it. Consider male and female electrical inputs, for example. You'll have to plug in no matter what, so double-check you have a plan in place to execute that magical vision.

  3. Safety 1st! Never leave the end of a live electrical plug in the elements or close to an outlet. Beyond that, ladders are expensive and crazy, and roofs are dangerous - leave it to the professionals.