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Exceeding expectations and reaching new heights with the Eagan Dance Team.

On a recent, hot summer morning, a large group of teenage girls is laughing, smiling, and sweating. It’s what you would expect on a beautiful summer day in Eagan, Minnesota. But this group – the Eagan Dance Team (EDT) – is not lounging around; they are working up a sweat as they power through an early three-hour practice inside of Eagan High School. The team is preparing their competitive routine for the upcoming summer dance camp they attend. Just watching the three-minute routine full of kicks, turns and precision movements might make an observer exhausted. But for those three hours on a hot summer morning, the team keeps at it, refining sections of the dance over and over until it is locked in. 

Under the guidance of their head coach, Nicole Lonetree Brovold, the Eagan dance team continues to exceed expectations and reach new heights. With over 20 years of varsity dance team coaching experience and deep passion for dance, Coach Brovold has cultivated a culture of excellence and unity within the team. “They are a family,” she says as she describes the team’s connection.

When asked, that’s also how senior Taylor Schiltgen describes the team. “Hardworking, drive, and a family.” “We are really welcoming,” senior Hannah Gelineau says. Both Schiltgen and Gelineau, along with fellow seniors Chloe Breen and McKenna Henning, chose to open enroll to Eagan High School and join the dance team because of this welcoming feeling. “It's one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” Henning says. These four seniors also share a deep love of dance, with each starting when they were little girls.

Balancing the demands of school and dance is no easy feat for this team of dedicated athletes. Many members of the team also pursue their love of the sport at a competitive dance studio. As members of the EDT, they must navigate a rigorous schedule during the school year that includes after-school practices and weekly performances or competitions while maintaining their academic responsibilities and life outside of the dance team. “You get into a rhythm with it,” Breen says as she describes how she balances it all. Lonetree Brovold notes the team’s commendable time management skills and a strong work ethic, pointing out that they excel both in the classroom and on the dance floor. “Many of the dancers were just inducted into the National Honor Society.”

However, the Eagan dance team's influence extends far beyond their academic accolades and the competition stage. Recognizing the importance of giving back to their community, the dancers actively engage in various community service initiatives such as hosting youth dance clinics, volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, and organizing fundraisers. Egg My Yard is one of the team’s annual fundraisers where they raise money by setting Easter eggs up in donor’s yards for a fun egg hunt.

The team competes in the tough South Suburban Conference with some of the most talented dance teams in the state. This helps to challenge their skill and determination, pushing each other to strive for greatness. The dancers of EDT understand the level of competition they face and embrace it as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Breen acknowledges this and says, “Seeing how much (our) program has grown, we are now a school to beat.” The competition choreography is intricate and demanding. The dancers must possess not only technical precision but also an ability to convey emotion and captivate audiences. During competitions, they are judged on their jazz skills, kicks, execution, choreography, and difficulty of the routine. “We go all in for everything,” Gelineau comments. Henning echoes that sentiment saying, “Our drive and dedication is so powerful.”

The Eagan dance team's unity and achievements are a testament to their unwavering work ethic, determination, and support system. Their success is not merely measured in trophies and awards but in the personal growth and leadership, they develop along the way, which will serve them well beyond their high school years. Senior Nadine Frank sums up her experience with the team by saying, "The experience I have had being a part of the Eagan Dance Team for the last three years is something I will always remember."


The Eagan dance team's unity and achievements are a testament to their unwavering work ethic, determination, and support system.