Looking for a truly unique living space?

Get to know Barnhouse Custom Homes in the new year.

Gardner Leaver, owner of Barnhouse Custom Homes, creates one-of-a-kind spaces. Barnhouse is a family-owned design + build company focused on new construction. They construct everything from traditional stick-built or modified timber frame homes to pre-engineered steel or pole barn structures. 

Barnhouse harvests old barns from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and utilizes their timbers and barn board to provide an enriching contemporary-country feel in many of the homes they build. Modern amenities, luxury and charm are built into every board.

“This feels like our most exciting year yet!” Gardner exclaims. “We are excited to have two upcoming projects partnering with local architects, Forward Design | Architecture and DRAW Architecture + Urban Design.  One of those projects is a home on a private lake north of the city. It will have many modern Scandinavian features, with their goal being to bring the outside in as they sit lakeside.”

 When asked more about the modern Scandinavian-style home, Gardner shared, “We are truly a custom home builder. We can build anything!” he smiles. “Yes, our niche is the modern farmhouse styles that showcase timber work, but we aren’t married to that. Those who search us out know that is our unique stamp. Our homes tell a story.”

He sees maintenance free exterior materials trending, such as metal siding that doesn’t necessarily look like metal. Another continued trend is open floor plans. “This makes a home live larger than its footprint. Communal spaces, like the kitchen and living room, are where people gather and spend the majority of their time so they’re the centerpiece of the home. We try to accentuate those spaces.”

Gardner shared, “I grew up ranching, and the character traits it taught me are inherent to my work ethic. We pride ourselves on our honesty, communication and quality craftsmanship,” he reflects. “We pay extreme attention to detail.”

He and his wife, Amy, and their three children (with a fourth on the way!) enjoy living in a spec home they built. Their homes are amazingly unique show pieces, and when you put your own personality into yours, it will be the star of your neighborhood.

Barnhouse Custom Homes serves the Kansas City area. Call them at 913-777-8766. Find them at barnhousecustomhomes.com and on Facebook and Instagram. 

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