Luxury Hair Care and Summer Tips

Insights from Andenise Nielson of Lumiere Luxury Hair Salon

When it comes to hair styling, expertise, and personalized care, Andenise Nielson, the owner of Lumiere Luxury Hair Salon in Las Vegas, stands out. With more than 12 years of experience in the industry and a passion for creating custom dimensional colors and haircuts that suit each individual's lifestyle, Andenise is dedicated to using and recommending the best products available to promote healthy hair and ensure longevity. And the best part? She believes that luxury services shouldn't have to be expensive.

At Lumiere Luxury Hair Salon, the driving force behind Andenise's work is her family. Her husband and two beautiful children inspire her every day, and she considers herself fortunate to have turned her passion into a fulfilling career. When clients visit her for a service, they can expect a stylist who genuinely cares for their hair. By asking detailed questions and seeking to understand their wants and goals, Andenise ensures a collaborative approach where she can provide expert advice and deliver results that leave both her and her clients happy.

Andenise's extensive experience sets her apart in the industry. She started her journey at an exceptional salon in Carlsbad, CA, where she mastered traditional color techniques, delved into in-depth hair-cutting, and learned what it truly means to be a great stylist. Later, she had the opportunity to work alongside her best friend, refining her skills in the most modern color techniques that are highly popular today. This diverse background has given her confidence in working with various hair types, styles, and textures, allowing her to deliver her best work to each guest.

As we move through the summer season, it's essential to maintain healthy hair care practices and stay updated on the latest trends. Andenise shares her insights into the summer hair trends she's seeing, as well as her top three tips for keeping hair healthy during the scorching Las Vegas summers.

According to Andenise, summer hair trends revolve around warm tones. Honey blondes, toffee shades, and caramel hues are particularly popular this season, creating a sun-kissed look. Another trend she noted is highlighting focused a little heavier around the face, known as the "money piece" or "bold framing highlights." These techniques add dimension and frame the face, creating a youthful and vibrant appearance. Additionally, she notes that big, voluptuous blowouts are in high demand. These blowouts infuse the hair with movement, volume, and layers, resulting in a glamorous and effortless style.

To ensure that your hair remains healthy and vibrant during the summer, especially in the heat of Las Vegas, Andenise shares her top three product tips:

1. Davines Su Hair Milk: This leave-in softening hair milk acts as a UV protective filter while providing essential hydration to your hair. Applying this product before exposure to the sun helps shield your hair from the damaging effects of UV rays.

2. EVO Icon Welder Heat Protectant: When using hot tools, it is crucial to protect your hair from heat damage. Andenise emphasizes the importance of using a professional heat protectant specifically designed for heat styling. This product safeguards your hair from the high temperatures of styling tools, ensuring minimal damage and maintaining healthy locks.

3. Hats or Scarves: On days when you plan to spend time under the sun, it's wise to cover your hair with a hat or scarf. Not only do these accessories add a fashionable touch to your summer ensemble, but they also provide protection by keeping your hair shielded from direct sunlight and potential water damage. Andenise personally loves wearing scarves to the pool, as they keep her hair up and away from the water while adding a stylish flair to any look.

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