Marketing Homes During Busy Holidays

Gabrielle Dodson, Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Broker, Provides Pointers

  • It's important to remember that spring isn't necessarily the best time to sell houses. Though houses may get more house-hunting activity in spring or summer months, the conditions and prices of houses always are the two most important factors in selling during any season. In the spring/summer, sellers are likely to get more showings, but that also includes buyers just starting to look—ones who may be a year-plus out from actually buying a home.  
  • Remember that Brentwood and surrounding neighborhood areas actually reflect a fairly transient region, therefore many relocating individuals make a mid-school-year move during fall or winter. 
  • Sellers benefit overall from more motivated buyer pools at year-end than in the spring or summer. Many buyers have families, and their home buying process is over a shorter time frame. Many take their homes off the market during the holidays because they want to decorate and enjoy seasonal and family activities. This results in less inventory in fall/winter months, which means fewer buyer options and thus a better situation to be in as a seller.
  • With less inventory at year-end, sellers may have to negotiate price less often. Don’t be afraid to list your home in the fall or winter months if that is what is best for you and or your family’s timeline. With less inventory—and thus fewer buyer options—buyers may be more willing to pay a little more during year-end or winter months.  
  • Always consult with an agent before making changes to homes that will be sold in the near future. A professional agent that knows the market will best guide sellers on where to invest dollars with the greatest likely return for those investments. We generally advise improvements in kitchens and master bathrooms; I definitely think those are the safest places to put dollars into homes when you know you will be selling soon. There are many upgrades about which an agent can guide sellers regarding whether appraisers value those improvements, or if buyers, in general, will notice those certain upgrades and be willing to “pay back” the seller for them when it comes time to negotiate sale prices. (Many times I meet with sellers and have to let them know that some improvements they made are great but will not be valued by the general public in the way they would hope.) 
  • NOTE: Gabrielle offers complimentary consultation sessions regarding how to best prepare homes for the market, no matter when sellers are ready to list their houses.  

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