Mother Knows Best

Our picnic with The Beach Moms was nothing short of unforgettable.

When we started collaborating with The Beach Moms on a fall tablescape, we let them take the lead. After all, mother does know best. 

While we we expecting a usual fall centerpiece and a picnic complete with the earthy tones of fall, the group had something else up their sleeve. 

As soon as we got out of the vehicle, we were greeted with the most breathtaking setup complete with muted green hues and natural shades alongside copper and gold. 

Immediately, we were speechless in the best way possible. But, why were we shocked in the first place? The Beach Moms are locally known for going above and beyond for all of their customers which is why Angel Bennett, the self-proclaimed "Type-A” mom of the bunch, says her job is so awesome. 

“As soon as we get an inquiry we get to work by asking if there is anything they prefer such as color, size, materials, and more. Then, the fun part sets in. We do what we call putting on our creative caps and diving right in. We have several storage units that are all filled to the brim with decorations and more to make each picnic stylish yet different. We want our clients to relax and let us create the perfect memory for them.”

For our picnic, we had no idea what was ahead. Bennett, however, knew exactly what we needed to make our picnic personal. 

“We did not want to do the traditional fall colors like orange, yellow, red, and brown. This is a coastal magazine and we wanted to really showcase that.”

In addition to our picnic, we also added in personal chef Brandon Morrow. 

“We work hand in hand with several vendors ranging from personal chefs to charcuterie board companies and everything in between including sushi chefs, vegan chefs, and even photographers. We want our picnics to be a nice and relaxing memory for all of our clients.” 

The Beach Moms’s picnics don’t stop there either. Recently the group created a mini “pup-nic” party alongside a larger picnic. 

“The puppy had their own tent, food, and dog bowl dishes. It was neat putting it all together and creating that atmosphere.” 

Looking ahead to the rest of the month, Bennett anticipates a few “friendsgiving” picnics in the works. 

“A picnic for friendsgiving is different in comparison to your normal dinner. All you have to do is show  up, eat, and enjoy time with your friends!” 

As the saying goes, “call your mom today!”

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