Mother Daughter Trips

A Time to Celebrate a Special Event or Just Share Time Together

Whatever season of life you are celebrating, the key element of an exceptional mother daughter
trip is setting aside life’s distractions in order to spend time together. We talked to a few mother
daughter duos about their trips to help you get some ideas of your own.

Tamara booked an Airbnb for herself and her six-year-old daughter, Jilli, for two nights in
Fredericksburg. They didn’t set out with a schedule or itinerary, only the expectation of a good
time. Even though Fredericksburg is a quick drive from Boerne, booking a weekend away let
them set aside the thought of chores or homework and give each other undivided attention. The
highlight of their trip was ordering in pasta, playing games and talking, the quintessential ladies
night in.

On the first day of their weekend, the pair invited Jilli’s good friend and her mother. In town, they
shopped, had lunch and explored Main Street. They visited the Mercantile twice - a store full of
trinkets, crafts and games, engaging for children as well as adults. Later, they lounged in the hot
tub, ordered food, played games and stayed up late, the girls in their matching pajamas. The friends left in the afternoon and Jilli and Tamara spent the rest of the weekend on their own.
When planning a trip of your own, remember that Fredericksburg’s shopping, restaurants and
wineries can’t be beat.

Dr. Jackson gave the reins to her daughter in planning a trip for her sixteenth birthday. She
chose the California coast, spotlighting San Francisco, Carmel-by-the-Sea and Big Sur in one
long weekend. The duo took a direct flight into San Francisco before driving south on the
famous Pacific Coast Highway. They managed to fit in hiking at Big Sur, sightseeing in Carmel
and an afternoon massage at the spa. For an unforgettable birthday dinner, L’auberge Carmel was a fine dining experience that checked all the boxes. The L’Auberge boasts a celebration of seasonality and creativity throughout eight courses. Every course was a conversation piece, mixing interesting flavors and unique presentations, and above all, was an experience neither will ever forget.

On a bucket list trip, Dr. Jackson and her daughter went to the Maldives. Traveling to the unique
region in South Asia required multiple flights, culminating in a seaplane ride that delivered them
to an island resort. They stayed in water villas, a style of bungalow that hovers over the water,
where snorkeling and swimming are available immediately outside the front door. On a night
snorkeling swim, accompanied by marine biologists, they viewed eels and octopi. People travel
for different reasons: food, experience, learning the culture, but few things can match the
experience of viewing a nocturnal creature like an octopus in its natural habitat.

Garner State Park, nestled on an ideal portion of the Frio River, is centered around river
tourism. Spring is a tranquil visit, before the weather gets too hot or the crowds get too noisy.
The trails still have peace and quiet left over from winter when the water in the river is too cold to
swim. I took my mom Nancy on a day trip to the park in early March ... a day trip through Utopia from Boerne. The drive is winding and picturesque, a source of inspiration for artists throughout the region. With her retirement on the horizon, serene settings and meditative exercise will soon be taking up more of her time than chatting with coworkers.

Garner has a wide range of hiking trails that welcome all skill levels. Caves can be seen on two
different trails, while those opting for a challenge can aim for a view on one of the summits. My personal favorite trail hugs the bank of the Frio. When the water is still, it is crystal clear and fish are clearly visible. Pack a lunch and have a picnic by the river, bring good shoes and don’t forget to make reservations ahead of time. Download maps in advance because cell phone service can be unreliable. If the park is full, nearby lodges offer similar river activities; tubing, canoeing,
paddleboarding, hiking, miniature golf, camping, and fishing.

Planning a trip can seem like a monumental task when considering coordinating work and family
schedules. Opting for a staycation is always a reliable option. Jennifer and her young daughter,
Emily have an annual tradition of spending the weekend together when the guys are away. Ideal mother daughter days can be found close to home by creating memories that make a special bond. Thrift shopping, having their nails done, baking and going out to eat at Emily's favorite places are good times for Emily and Jennifer. Sometimes a trip to the coast is an option.

There are countless local experiences that create fun and unique moments. Take a class at one of the venues in Boerne. Eat somewhere new! Shop outdoor markets. Stay at a local Airbnb. Get away from distractions of home, chores, and work. Pick somewhere with a pool or hot tub and relax without having to travel!

Motherly travel tips: Keep it simple and close by for those new to travel. Get to know what you enjoy doing together. When you travel, there are always hiccups. Experiencing minor life challenges shows your daughter how you handle life situations.

Traveling forces you to troubleshoot together and offers the opportunity  to find the fun and lightheartedness when the course takes unexpected turns.

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