Movers and Shapers

Meet the Men Building and Sparking Kirkland’s Future

Name:  Jay Arnold

Organization:  City of Kirkland

Position:  Deputy Mayor

Tell us about your work. Did you plan to be where you are today? 

I’ve always looked for ways to serve but wasn’t sure I’d run for office.  I got involved with non-profits working on growth, transportation, and sustainability issues that I was passionate about.  I served on boards and commissions.  I volunteered on campaigns, including Doreen Marchione’s first election to Kirkland City Council, which help me build experience and confidence to throw my hat in the ring.  Since being elected, I’ve learned a tremendous amount from colleagues including Doreen and Mayors Joan McBride, Amy Walen, and Penny Sweet.

Talk about current trends shaping or changing the way you do business. What’s on the horizon?

The virtual meeting capability has vastly increased the ability for broad public outreach and involvement on issues.  We’ve been able to hear from more people and a broader set of voices as we enabled new ways to participate.  That makes for better decisions.  We will continue to enable remote input and comment even as we emerge from the pandemic and the City Council meets in person.

How do you connect with the community?

People are surprised when they call and it’s me answering the phone directly or responding immediately to an email request.  Our City Council is very accessible both online and offline, on Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor and Instagram.  I run into folks and hear concerns or answer questions while out walking the dog.  Pre-pandemic, I enjoyed meeting residents and business owners in person to discuss their concerns and look forward to once again meeting in their favorite neighborhood coffee shops. 

Imagine the city of Kirkland a decade from now. Any predictions?

My hope is that ten years from now, Kirkland will have built on the legacy of our wonderful parks with a network of greenways, trails, and the Cross Kirkland Corridor.  We will be connected to the region via Bus Rapid Transit with a gondola and automated shuttles circulating around our business and neighborhood centers.  I believe we will be an inspiration to other communities with a variety of houses, apartments, townhomes, and condos for all ages and stages of life – all with thriving neighborhood stores and restaurants just a short walk away.  We will realize our vision for Totem Lake and Downtown with amazing opportunities to play, work, eat, and shop, with options for everyone that works here to live here.  Most importantly, we are committed to ensuring Kirkland is a place where all feel they belong – now, ten years from now, and beyond.

Do you have a little known hobby or obsession or maybe a secret talent?

I’m a huge Star Trek fan, from the original series to latest iterations and movies.  It’s only natural that we live in Kirkland.

Is there a motto or mentor that helps guide you personally or professionally?

When I was working at Microsoft as an engineer and manager, I was part of transformational, game changing projects.  Often, products evolved over several versions, marching forward toward our vision.  I take the same approach striving for steady progress whether working on computer code or municipal code.  To paraphrase Bill Gates, we often overestimate the change we can accomplish in two years, but underestimate what we can do in ten.


Name:  Bill Pollard

Company: Talon Private Capital, LLC

Position: Co-Founder

Tell us about your work. 

Currently I am the Co-Founder of Talon Private Capital, LLC. Talon owns over 3 million square feet of office,industrial and apartments in the Pacific NW. Our largest investments have been made in Kirkland (Kirkland Urban Development) and Bellevue. 

Did you plan to be where you are today?

 I knew only two things coming out of college, 1: I wanted to be an entrepreneur 2: I wanted to do something that allowed me to use my learned skills to achieve both financial prosperity and some value add to my clients/investors, etc. Since college, I have co-founded two Commercial Real Estate Companies in Bellevue. My first, Pacific Real Estate Partners, was a brokerage company which I co-managed for 16 years before selling. I then co-founded a real estate investment company, Talon Private Capital, LLC, which we started in 2009 and continues to be a fun and prosperous enterprise.

Talk about current trends shaping or changing the way you do business.  

In Commercial Real Estate, like most industries, the key is adopting the product (buildings) to the customer’s ever changing needs and desires. The pandemic driven Work From Home environment has changed the paradigm and allows Landlords, Employee’s and Employers to revisit the future of the work place. 

What’s on the horizon? 

Anytime our busines can be on the cutting edge of how, where and why people choose to work and live, it’s an exhilarating moment.  We are constantly modifying and aligning our properties to add value into the lives of our tenants and residents.

How does your company connect with the community of Kirkland? 

Talon views its connection with the local community through the value our projects bring to the built environment. Every step of what we do, design, construction type, open space, sustainability, equality of not only access but quality of the environment ultimately defines how our buildings are cast into the community. We have revolutionized the practice of adding curated community programming to our fixed assets. Our goal is that everyone who steps into one of our projects has the opportunity to interact, exchange and participate in all forms of active programming. We offer Book Clubs, bicycle rides, nature walks, outdoor health and wellness programs, art, meditation, etc.

Imagine the city of Kirkland a decade from now. Any predictions? 

Vibrancy !!  It doesn’t come without the perfect combination of many elements, Kirkland need to keep investing in schools, public safety, walking and bicycling, retail conducive zoning and all types of housing from the most modest to the luxury. Kirkland and Bellevue are on the cusp of collectively redefining how communities can be successful and vibrant and as well as welcoming, diverse and flexible to ever changing life patterns. I feel very fortunate to continue to be a long term investor, business owner and resident of the Kirkland communities.

Do you have a little-known hobby or obsession? 

Sunsets, I will travel great distances and make extraordinary efforts to see wonderful sunsets. No two are the same.

Is there a motto that helps guide you personally or professionally? 

My father told me at a very young age, in every situation you will know what is the “right” path to take, you need to have the courage to always take it when others may not. Its been a bit of guiding principle for me


Name: Kevin Dosch    

Company: John Buchan Homes

Job Title: President and Co-Owner

Are there any current trends shaping the way you do business?

The pandemic has had tremendous impact.  We have more virtual meetings and use platforms that streamline communications.  Home design trends are accommodating the expanded functions occurring at home.  We see many of the following requests from custom home clients in the architectural phase: a second office, exercise studio, home theatre, home school room or study zone, a ¾ bath and w/d near the Owner’s entry, home sauna—and larger refrigerator and freezer capacity. 

Imagine the Eastside a decade from now. Any predictions?

Kirkland and Bellevue have grown from sleepy suburbs into vibrant cities.  I hope we will continue to uphold the integrity of each smaller neighborhood within Kirkland and Bellevue and find creative ways to hold on to the small-town feel.

Recent proud moment:

I am very proud of my son Nate who is taking on greater responsibility in our company. He is a third-generation builder in the making! It makes me happy to see the pride he takes in his work and the passion for excellence he demonstrates

Do you have a little known hobby or obsession or maybe a secret talent or superpower?

I love finding time to refurbish my ’51 pick up! Hope to have it on the road this summer. I also enjoy building furniture for my family to enjoy.

Do you have a favorite Eastside haunt or recommendation?

Sushi InJoy, Mercato Stellina & Seastar.  Fairweather Park.  Wells Medina Nursery.

Is there a motto that helps guide you?

Many of our guiding fundamentals at John Buchan Homes are based on the skills that we believe are most important to succeed. One fundamental that means the most to me is: Look ahead and anticipate. I define this as always thinking 10 steps ahead. Plan today for what is coming tomorrow, next week, next month. Be better prepared by anticipating future needs and addressing them today. Avoid the mistakes that come with last-minute actions.

Name: Jeff Crosby              

Company: Crosby Wealth Advisors  

Job Title: Private Wealth Advisor

Tell us about your work. Did you plan to be where you are today?

No. I have been more blessed beyond my imagination. As in most things, when you feel like you are doing something to help others, you almost always receive way more blessings than what one gives. We have been incredibly blessed by our clients.  

Can you tell us about a recent proud moment?

I feel like our clients got our best work during the COVID Pandemic. We provided multiple customized market updates, many personal phone calls about their financial plan and specific anecdotes to help calm the nerves. I specifically remember sending a note to our clients on one of the gloomiest days of the pandemic and market and reminded them it is always gray and blurry before you can see around the corner. Shortly after that note the market started recovering rapidly and still to this day, most experts still don’t know why.

How do you connect to community?

We have sponsored various fund-raising events (7 Hills of Kirkland, Attain Housing, triathlons, Alexanders Hope and others). Additionally, as you enter into Kirkland from Bellevue, we also hang banners for various holidays throughout the year and light up our building and trees with Christmas lights during the holidays.

Imagine Kirkland a decade from now. What’s on your wish list? 

I don’t know how, but it would be nice if we could figure out a plan for affordable housing. Also, it would be nice if we were the one stop Financial Advisor/Wealth Management firm for many Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Salesforce employees for their financial needs.

Do you have a little known hobby or maybe a secret superpower?

Nope, no superpowers, but I believe my business team does (the way they serve our clients, they are the glue to what we do). As for my hobbies, I have done 25 Ironman’s (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run). I had a Triathlon on May 23rd and unfortunately my swim club wasn’t open to swim during most of the Pandemic.   It was really mentally tough to train during the winter months but I believe it gave me an edge in my discipline to be a better leader to my team and a better Financial Advisor for our clients.

Is there a crucial life skill that helps guide you?

Average focus, discipline and effort is not good enough. Great focus, discipline and effort is what I expect of myself and let the results determine the outcome. Finally, don’t waste the early morning, it is the start of your day. It sets the tone.

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