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Home Construction, Remodeling or Rebuilding

Native Builders offers architectural, engineering, permitting, construction services/management big or small

Remodeling your home from top-to-bottom—or even one area at a time—usually requires a great deal of work on the homeowner’s part—it’s much more than just having a picture of what you want in your mind.

Particularly during the pandemic, finding and recruiting reliable, skilled contractors who can handle the workload and responsibility of your project has been no easy feat.

Many times, starting over midway or from scratch with several different contractors is required for what is really a collaborative effort.

Too many cooks in the kitchen can quickly spiral into undue stress on the home or business owner, in addition to increasing the likelihood of major miscommunication.

In these cases, it’s truly a gift to be able to place your entire project in the hands of a detail-oriented business skilled with wearing many hats—and doing so flawlessly.

Native Builders does just that—architectural, engineering and construction services make this comprehensive design and build firm your go-to source for a total design overhaul on all projects, big or small.

Native Builders Inc. specializes in providing residential and commercial services for everything from architectural design and complete home remodels to home additions such as ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) and more.

No matter the size and scope of the job, Native Builders partners Sam Nanah and Mustafa Bdaiwi strive for complete client satisfaction as their top priority, as evidenced by the customer reviews.   

With a dazzling project portfolio that spans the globe, Sam and Mustafa are well-versed in the practice of not only starting from square one but also taking an ongoing project and seeing it to fruition.

On more than one occasion, the Native Builders team has stepped in to save a floundering construction project started by another contractor.

By implementing the proper procedures, correcting errors such as obtaining necessary permits, and closely overseeing the work, they have successfully seen many projects that seemed doomed to failure through to a fabulous finish.

As business partners for four years, Mustafa, a licensed architect, and Sam, a licensed contractor, have blended their education and professional experience (over 20 years in their respective industries) to create Native Builders, with a goal of delivering superior customer service—every time.

Native Builders’ diverse portfolio of projects includes (in addition to architectural design and engineering services) damage restoration, foundation work, room remodels, concrete and masonry, flooring, and general contracting services.

With a slew of beautiful projects completed both locally and overseas, Sam and Mustafa are on a mission to strengthen their local ties in the community to show their gratitude for those who have been such an integral part in helping Native Builders flourish.  

“We are here, and we are ready to help improve the community in any way we can,” says Sam.

The Native Builders' customer experience is carefully crafted by Mustafa and Sam’s commitment to adhering to industry best practices and a high standard of ethics.

Both partners recognize that their dedication to consummate professionalism is essential to provide to clients who place their trust, money, and time in their hands.

Building their ever-growing business to where it is today hasn’t always been easy—but hard-earned success never is.

“Our business is not easy work—it is very complicated,” says Sam. “[This work requires] a high degree of knowledge. That's why we focus on spending so much time with all of our clients—to ensure the project is a success.”

Although their line of work is meticulous and challenging, Native Builders enthusiastically tackles these professional exercises, with hopes of continually building their brand and expanding their portfolio with more clients and new and exciting endeavors in the future.

  • Sam Nanah

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