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Gallatin's Binkley Nash Furniture and Design share some design tips and trends for everything home.

Article by Nicole Bell

Photography by Binkley Nash Furniture & Design

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Interior and decor trends seem to change with the seasons. Keeping a stylish living or working space that we love can seem a bit overwhelming when looking at where to start on design features and details. If you’re like most, you see something you want or like and then there is a total disconnect on how to get there or how to get the look on your own. 

In the same way that designing our own space may seem like a strange and daunting task, so too does the idea of enlisting the help of professional design experts if it’s not something that we have been accustomed to. Many people overlook the benefits of these experts and specialists because it can be an intimidating task in its own right.

In Gallatin we are fortunate to have a number of professionals who specialize in interior design services and are resources for customizing your home or work spaces just as you envision. But, where does the average person begin? How do you recreate a specific look? What are some trends and themes you may not have considered? How will this space you’re designing look in five years? What are the design faux pas that you may need to avoid? And, how do you create an amazing space, even on a budget?

So many questions abound in this space so we enlisted the help of lifelong Gallatin resident Ashlee Nash, owner of Binkley Nash Furniture and Design in Gallatin, to help walk us through a few helpful items when looking at making sure your space truly shines! 


Changing paint color is a great way to freshen up a space. Trends have moved towards warm whites with different finishes. This keeps everything clean, fresh and the background palette neutral for accessorizing with different colors. Moodier colors are also making a comeback, but a neutral palette still encourages deep taupe grays, blues and warm earthy greens to join. This is popular in specialty rooms like dining rooms and home offices. 

Big Comeback!

Patterns and textures are extremely popular in wallpaper currently. These are great in powder rooms to make a statement and to give a pop of color. A unique touch is using these same colors on the back panels of white built-ins, making shelving decor stand out while providing a floating illusion on lighter-colored shelving. Wallpaper is fun and easy to incorporate as it continues to make a huge comeback.


Incorporating different sizes of rugs is helpful and easy! Layering with a larger, woven jute rug as a base and a smaller, patterned rug on top will add dimension to any room (not to mention more affordable, too). If you want to change colors later, you already have your larger base rug and can simply switch out the top rug to freshen up the space.


Tailored comfort in upholstery and seating can make or break a room! Keep your biggest pieces neutral; a performance-grade fabric is always encouraged regardless if you have kids, pets or it's just you. Performance grade pieces are easy to clean, low-hassle and worry-free. Textured upholstery is more inviting, hides dirt and stains, brings depth and allows you to play with colors and explore options throughout the year and seasons.

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