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Sunroof surfing is Oaklee's passion!

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Oaklee the Celebrity Therapy Dog

The story behind the Sunroof Surfer, Oaklee

Hi, I am Oaklee.  I’m still a puppy and only 1 ½ .  My mom was a Bernedoodle and my dad was a full size Standard Poodle.  I don’t look like either one of them.  I love to go with my humans everywhere.  They take me on trips.  I have been to Nashville, Hot Springs, Austin and San Antonio.  I travel very well. I love to sunroof surf with my goggles on. You may have seen me around town! I love to see people happy and they always smile and wave while I am chilling out of the sunroof.  A lot of people know my name wherever I go.

I am very patient and am happy to do what I am told to do.  I don’t get to swim because of my long hair, but I am ok with that.  My life is really good and I am always ready for the next adventure!

I love to go to the nursing home.  The people are always so happy to see me.  They are never ready for me to leave their room.  They pet me and hug me and are always amazed by my hair! Look for me sunroof surfing and I'll wave back!  

A word from Julie Johnson, Oaklee's Mom.

Q: Where did you get Oaklee?

Years ago I saw a friend’s Bernedoodle and from that moment I knew I had to have one!  I saved my birthday and Christmas money for several years and just happened upon Oaklee locally.  She was just down the street and was available for pick up immediately.  She is an F1b Bernedoodle and is approximately 75% Poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain Dog. She will be 2 at the end of November.

Q: When did you notice she had a talent for therapy?

We knew right away that she had a calm demeanor and I had always wanted to have a therapy dog that could spread joy to those in need.  We are registered with Therapy Pet Pals of Texas and visit a local nursing home.  Our goal is to start visiting with children and families in crisis as well.

Q: Tell us about Oaklee's personality?

She is just happy all the time.  Of course, with great training from GAB Kennels in Conroe, she is a very well-behaved dog and at just four months old she passed the AKC Canine Good Citizenship course, which is required to be a therapy dog. We have socialized her in every way we can.  She has been in a parade and attended fireworks shows to get exposed to every stimulation possible. Oaklee loves to go out and see people. She feeds off of their joy.   People will thank us for giving them a smile they needed, cry because she touches a deep emotion, or just relax from petting her soft fur.  She brings out the best in everyone and thrives on human interaction.

Q: How did she get into the Ford commercial/doggie talent?

A close friend of mine sent Oaklee’s picture to her friend that is a Dog Wrangler.  From there she submitted her picture to an advertising agency and Oaklee was cast in the 2023 Ford Bronco ad on Ford’s website.

Q: Obviously she's a looker! Can you tell us about the grooming?

Oaklee's hair is very important and is a big part of her personality.  She goes to the groomer every three weeks for a scissor cut and trim of the three F’s; face, feet and fanny!  She stays long year round and has never been shaved.  Keeping her coat free of matting allows plenty of air flow through it, thus helping regulate her body temperature.  During the summer we keep her cool with an ice collar when we are out and about and of course, plenty of drinking water.  


  • Mom, Julie and Oaklee.
  • Sunroof surfing is Oaklee's passion!
  • Oaklee best side featuring every girls favorite, fresh hair blow out
  • Sunroof surfing is Oaklee's passion!
  • Oaklee enjoying the attention at the City Lifestyle photoshoot.