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Start Here... Go Anywhere!

Georgia Military College seeks to be YOUR LOCAL Community College, Fayette County!

Home to twelve community college campuses throughout the state of Georgia, Georgia Military College (GMC) is offering a robust liberal arts experience for students. “Duty, honor, country and character above all” can be heard around campus as these are the core values that are embraced at GMC. Residential cadets and non-cadet/non-residential commuter students can attend GMC.

The U.S. Army ROTC program, Early Commissioning, which allows graduates to become commissioned officers in the National Guard or Army Reserve in just two years is offered at GMC. ROTC Programs are offered but not required, nor is military service. Each student can gain their own unique education by way of 2-year transferrable associate degrees or 4-year Bachelor of Applied Science degrees.

Overseeing the GMC Atlanta Metropolitan Region and its four campuses, is Brigadier General Scott F. “Rock” Donahue (U.S. Army, Retired). While his home base is at the Fayetteville Campus, General Rock ensures the smooth operations of the Fayetteville, Fairburn, Stone Mountain and Zebulon campuses.

General Rock is one of the dynamic leaders at GMC, who is passionate about growing the next generation of leaders. “To give them hope for a brighter future, and to ensure they can truly start here and go anywhere,” General Rock states. His journey to GMC began when he served in the Army with the current GMC President, Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV (U.S. Army, Ret). For 24 years, the two served on active duty as well as General Officers, retiring from the US Army in 2013. Shortly after, President Caldwell assumed his position as GMC President.

In 2014, President Caldwell and General Rock reconnected at a Change of Command Ceremony at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. “He asked me to come work for him at GMC to build and operationalize a GMC campus in Fayetteville, Georgia,” General Rock recalls. “Essentially as an Army of One; there was no campus, no staff, no faculty, no students; just 8 acres of forest, a set of blueprints, and a budget.” On October 16th, 2014, the groundbreaking ceremony for GMC Fayetteville was conducted. Site clearing operations began in November 2014. By July 2015, construction was completed. On August 3, 2015, the newest GMC Campus in Fayetteville opened its doors to nearly 300 students.  General Rock watched with pride as those 8 acres of forest were now home to 300 students who would go on to accomplish great things. He implemented discipline, respect and joy in his newfound position. General Rock says GMC's mission is “To create opportunities and equip college and career ready students, for success in a competitive global society."

To help students achieve success, General Rock has provided a leadership model that is followed in the Atlanta Metropolitan Region and has shown to be widely effective. “Leaders manage schedules, budgets, and resources, but they must “lead” people,” General Rock explains. His operating philosophy is the T-E-A-M  method of leadership, a development model set to produce principled leaders. T-E-A-M stands for Teamwork, Execution, Attitude, and Mission. 

Like his favorite author, John C. Maxwell, says: “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. The model is defined by three core leader attributes: Inspired leadership, disciplined execution, and superior customer service. It also embodies three shared ethical elements: values, trust, and accountability. Leaders at all levels will improve the organization, accomplish the mission and influence people. In General Rock’s view, “the fusion of interdependent core leader attributes, shared ethical elements, and foundational rally points produce principled leaders of character.”

General Rock passionately leads with this model, giving the leadership at the GMC Atlanta Metropolitan Region a strong foundation to operate a successful program.  “This T-E-A-M Operating Philosophy & Leader Development Model describes who we are and how we do what we do; it is incorporated into all we do and is emblazoned on mousepads given to each TEAM member.” Under General Rock and his staff’s leadership, students at GMC have the tools and resources to acquire a fulfilling experience. Through the early commissioning program, cadets can earn a commission into the U.S. Army in two years. Service Academy Prep prepares you for USMA, USCGA, USNA and USAFA.

Citizens can also find opportunities at GMC through its associate, bachelor and online degree programs. Through the Bachelor of Applied Science program, students can earn a degree in supervision and management, business management, supply chain management and logistics, healthcare management, homeland security and emergency management as well as public health.  The online degree programs give students the ability to earn 21 Associate Degrees or 3 Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees from anywhere in the world. Students never have to step foot on campus.

The GMC Bulldogs stay busy as nine sports teams call GMC home. From football to cross country, golf, softball and more. The rifle team is 3-time NRA ROTC National Champions. As one of the five military junior colleges nationwide, GMC prides itself on the hard work and dedication provided by its leadership. Students gain success through its model to produce confident graduates.

GMC is true to its motto, “Start here…Go anywhere!”

At the Georgia Military College, they are eagerly growing the next generation of leaders, “who fully embrace the core values of duty, honor, country, and character above all!”

  • Rock and Assistant Director/Dean of Students, Laura Thomas

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