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Parting Ways

Kirkland Native Parts With Her Locks in Order to Help Those in Need

Article by Justine Simpson and Jennifer Simpson

Photography by Jennifer Simpson

Originally published in Kirkland Lifestyle

Certain moments in life will forever define the term "proud mom," and this was definitely one of them. Fifth-generation Kirkland native Justine Simpson made the decision to donate her hair to Wigs for Kids without any prompting from family or peers. 

Justine always kept long locks as a young girl with the intention of donating it someday. Her plans were temporarily derailed when she used some "temporary" color for a Seahawks playoff game and it didn't wash out. But she stayed the course, cut the colored locks off, and continued with her mission. It's important to note that colored hair cannot be donated. 

Justine chose Wigs for Kids as her charity for numerous reasons, but mostly because she felt their cause was in line with her wish to donate.

"The sight of scissors approaching my head intimidated me," Justine says. "I've had long hair my entire life, so I was sad to part with it. I knew that after my hair was cut, it would be donated to a child in need, which made me forget all about those scissors."

There are a select few salons in Washington that follow the process for donating to Wigs for Kids, and we chose Joe Bae salon in Bellevue. Visit for more information on how to donate your hair.