Personal Style Spotlight

Stefanie Horn, 38

Manager of Stamford Moms & Community Manager for The Local Moms Network

What does style mean to you? 

Style is a very personal thing and it's ultimately all about feeling good in what you wear!

How would you define your style? 

As a working mom of three small children (6, 3.5, and 1-year-old), I'd say my style changes a little bit each day depending on how I'm feeling and what I have going on. Some days I love wearing a dress, other days leggings and sneakers make me feel most comfortable. I always make sure to add a little something to make me feel "put together". A cute headband or hat (I love Hat Attack), some mascara, and a stack of bracelets (I love mine from Stamford-based Letter Story Bracelets) always do the trick! Feeling put together in my style is definitely something I learned from my mom who always left the house looking absolutely beautiful. We lost her recently, but I will carry her style inspiration with me always. Regarding my children's style, my 6-year-old and 3.5-year-old are definitely developing their own little styles and it's fun to watch! 

October is our food & drink issue, tell us about your favorite restaurants in the Stamford area. 

For date night, Farmhouse at the Crossroads and Prime are our favorite go-to’s. When it comes to eating out as a family for breakfast, we love the pancakes at Lakeside Diner. For coffee and avocado toast, Modern Love Coffee is our best choice. Brunch as a family means we are heading to The Taco Project. And, for lunch or dinner, you can find us at Fed Truck or Coalhouse Pizza, they not only have something we all like but they are also laid back and welcoming for families with young children!


To maximize your workout make sure that you properly hydrate.

Drink consistently throughout the day. It’s always best to be consistent rather than chugging water before or after your workout. The recommended daily water intake is 1/2 your body weight (ex 160 lb person should be drinking 80 oz water daily). 

It’s not just how much you are drinking it’s what you are drinking. Add some lemon or your favorite fruit, maybe throw in a liquid IV or LMNT to add electrolytes.

When working out, we lose water and salt. By not replenishing, the side effects can be muscle fatigue, headaches, and dizziness. In addition, the workouts we do will not be as effective if we aren’t properly hydrated. Drink water!

Chelsea Schwerzler is an indoor cycling instructor at CycleBar Stamford.

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