Working with Furry Friends

Volunteering At a Pet Adoption Center is Fun, Rewarding, and Helpful

Do you love cute, cuddly, furry animals? Then you may be a good candidate to volunteer at a pet adoption center. 

St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center volunteers provide hands-on care to dogs, cats and other adoptable animals seeking new homes. In a typical year, volunteers provide more than 5,000 hours of service to the facility.

Recently, several members of the St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center staff completed training to improve its Volunteer Program in recruiting, training and leading volunteers.

“With this training, we will have a better prepared, more engaged, team available to help care for and find the right homes for our animals. And, it will enable our staff to provide a more valuable, rewarding experience for those who offer their time and talents to the shelter,” says Katie Wills, Division of Humane Services Director.

The 15,000-square foot Pet Adoption Center, located at 4850 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, provides kennel housing for dogs, cats, and other adoptable pets, as well as a veterinary clinic to care for lost pets and stray animals.

After completing an application, orientation and training, volunteers can perform a variety of roles such as:

·      Kennel assistant

·      Greeter

·      Exerciser/Socializer

·      Doggie Dreams Field Trip

·      Bather/Groomer

·      Photographer

·      Adoption Counselor

·      Veterinary Assistant

·      Staff Assistant

·      Launderer

·      Public Education

The facility features animals of many breeds, sizes and ages that are eager to join a forever home. Staff strives to collect a history of the animal, treat medical issues and help visitors select the best pet for their family. The $60 adoption fee for dogs and cats includes a health examination, initial vaccinations, spay/neuter service and microchipping.

Donations to the Center are always appreciated. For a list of new or gently-used items needed, or to make a financial donation, go to Sccmo.org/860/Needed-Donations.

To learn more about becoming a volunteer with the Pet Adoption Center, visit Sccmo.org/862/Volunteer-Positions.

For information on animals now available for adoption, visit Sccmo.org/Pets or call 636-949-7387.

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