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Dynamic Life and Business Couples Create Extraodinary Success

At Media City Lifestyle, we know that love and commitment go hand in hand; just ask our publisher and editor team, Scott and Karin Davidson! Married for over 17 years and working together for over 22, Scott and Karin know that a great working relationship requires respect, trust, and teamwork (and humor). In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating five couples who work together, making their businesses even better.

Gibbons Automotive – Mike and Beth Gibbons

Mike and Beth Gibbons at Gibbons Automotive have been working together for 13 years. Beth handles the operations while Mike works with cars. They also juggle business with parenting their two children, Maeve (13) and Declan (11). The children visit the shop after school and are always curious about its workings.

While owning a business has its challenges, Mike stated, “My wife really is the glue behind the scenes that keeps everything together. I trust her 100%.”

“It’s honestly a joy to be able to work with my husband,” said Beth. “I know that probably sounds odd, but I trust him the most out of everyone in the world.”

HOTWORX – Tom and Jen Luft

HOTWORX owners Tom and Jen Luft have been married for over 20 years and have been working together since 2021. The couple decided on Media because it’s Jen’s hometown and is close to the airport.

When he’s not taking care of payroll, accounting, and maintenance for HOTWORX, Tom is a pilot for American Airlines. Jen is in customer care.

“We’ve always made a great team even before we ran a business together because we don’t duplicate efforts,” said Jen.

They have two children. “Our oldest just turned 14 in February, and we had him working here this summer cleaning part-time,” said Tom. “It’s truly a family business.”

Grande Décor – Stephanie and Joe Gillin

Grande Décor designs and builds dream homes and renovations. For over 20 years, Stephanie Gillin has been in charge of sales and design management, while Joe brings her designs to life. He's on the financial side and the project manager.

They have three children. “When the kids were awake during the day, I was mom. Whenever they took a nap or slept, I was Business Barbie,” explained Stephanie. “It was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in the beginning, but we’re a well-oiled machine now!”

They work well together. “I can’t imagine NOT working with my husband,” Stephanie said, smiling.

The Cat Hospital – Dr. Christine and Paul Kirnos

Dr. Christine Bohn Kirnos and Paul own The Cat Hospital of Media. Christine shared how they met: “We got set up on a blind date by our hairdresser.” Paul added, “He said she’s a veterinarian, and that immediately sparked my interest. I originally wanted to become a veterinarian.” 20 years and 2 children later, they still have the same hairdresser!

Paul manages the office and finances. Christine practices medicine and corresponds with the other doctors. They’re good friends, and they harmonize well.

How do they do it? “We get asked that a lot!” Christine answered. “Well, what’s the problem? Do you not like your husband?”

They both love Media. Paul quips, “I grew up in a town which was voted one of the best small towns in America. Recently, so was Media. So, I joke that I only live in the best small towns in America.”

Cafesphere – Maggie and Pawel Pasciak

Magdalena “Maggie” Pasciak, owner of Cafesphere, truly appreciates that she and her husband, Pawel, work together. They met through a large Polish community in 2005. Pawel decided he wanted to work for himself, so they started in construction and rentals.

After a few jobs, a wedding, and two children, the couple decided to open a café—Maggie's dream. Maggie runs Cafesphere, and Pawel did all the needed construction every day for a full year.

They both love Media, especially the community. "It just feels like such a warm, nice community,” Maggie says.

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