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Protect Your Foundation

The foundation of your home is extremely important. Everything in your home rests upon it. If you have concerns such as water in your basement or cracks in your foundation or sheetrock, or if your floors feel off then you need to read on.

Things to look out for:

  • Cracks in the drywall

  • Doors sticking or not functioning or strike plates that do not match-up

  • Windows that stick

  • Water in your basement

  • Wavy or bouncy floors

Things to help to prevent foundation issues:

  • Extend your gutters away from the excavation path of your home.

  • Keep your gutters clean so they do not waterfall next to your foundation.

  • Fix any concrete pads that slope towards your house.

  • Fix your grading on the home to run away from the structure.

  • Make sure to address water concerns right away.

Foundation repairs generally become more expensive the longer you wait to fix them. Many options if caught early enough can avoid excavation. If you have questions pertaining to water or structural regarding the health of your foundation, call Brad with Foundation Recovery Systems at 816.946.0211 or email