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Dai Smith, owner of Simplicity by Day shares tips on how to start the new year with an organized outlook.

A new year is upon us, and it is a great time to get organized in every aspect of life. Dai Smith, owner of Simplicity by Day started her business in 2021 because as an entrepreneur and professional, she was feeling overwhelmed. “I realized that as a professional organizer, there must be a better way to stay digitally organized that didn't require time and money spent on the wrong systems,” says Smith. “I developed a system for digital organizing, in the same way that I created a system for physical organization. As I began working with more professionals and  small business owners, I realized they needed this as well.”

She uses her experience as a productivity and project management expert coupled with her work as a professional organizer to help serve others who need to streamline their systems. Simplicity by Day offers several services including home and business organizing, relocating management, virtual organizing webinars, bootcamps and full-day organization events.

Smith has one piece of advice for everyone trying to get organized in the new year – “don’t be afraid to ask for help.” She advises her clients to surround themselves with experts to assist both personally and professionally. “Whether that's a great coach, CPA, attorney, networking partner OR a housekeeper, cook, or babysitter. We are not meant to do this alone.”

Smith offers six tips to get organized in several different areas from business to home and digital organization. 

Small Business & Productivity Tips 

  1. Find what your business needs and find the tool or system to support you. Leverage technology to your advantage – there are hundreds of tools that can assist you or your business.

  2. Keep it simple. Focus on being amazing and well-known for one thing and be the expert there. 

Home Organization and Design Tips 

  1. The number one question I get from clients before we start the organizing process is: “where do I start?” Start with the room that will make the biggest impact for the greatest number of people. 

  2. I love great organization products and my go-to products for nearly any space are: lazy Susan, clear bins, shelf organizers, drawer organizer bins and wicker baskets.

 Digital Organization Tips

  1. A project management system is essential for digital organization. Asana, Trello, Monday and Click Up are great places to start. 

  2. Get control of your email inbox. Consolidate your emails to one inbox by redirecting. Next, use the filtering and tagging systems to organize incoming messages, then automate them so that the emails go into the correct folders or trash folders. 

Dai Smith, is the owner of Simplicity By Day, LLC in Houston, TX. She is a productivity coach and digital organizer. Dai helps entrepreneurs be more present, productive and profitable by upgrading your organizing systems and processes. simplicitybyday.com 

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