Saving Lives

Talking With 14-year-old Kristopher Luo, Who Invented the Smart Baby Car Seat

Kristopher, who attends Arizona Connections Academy, is on a mission to save lives.

Tell us about your product.
My prototype, the Smart Baby Car Seat, utilizes Bluetooth to communicate with the parent's phone. A pressure sensor detects the presence of the baby. When the parent walks out of the Bluetooth range of the car seat and leaves the baby in the car, the parent will receive a vibration alert from the phone.

What inspired you to invent this? 

I was first inspired … when I saw a news report of the number of babies dying in hot cars, and many of those deaths occurred in my state. 

Your product won an award...

I received first place in the engineering category at AZSEF in April.

What is happening now?  

I am currently in the process of creating my patent and researching ways to improve my prototype to be more consumer-friendly. 

Where do you hope to see it in three years?  

In three years, I hope my prototype will be in the process of fine-tuning, and in the final stages of creating a product. I hope to create the product by the time I graduate from high school and run a company while in college. I hope that I can save many lives in the future!

Kristopher currently has a GoFundMe to help with the prototype. To donate, visit

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