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Summit Nurse Consulting: Healthcare With Its Heart Set Free

Sophia Wilmot is the Nurse Practitioner Using Her Skills to Tend to Her Passion for People

Article by Arliss Veldhuizen

Photography by Rebecca Mitchell Photography

Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

Since the dawn of COVID-19, the world of healthcare has weathered some heavy blows and been faced with new challenges. Hospitals are overwhelmed, providers are under-resourced, and both families and individuals have struggled to get the care or answers they need. While the virus itself is no longer a stranger to us, it seems to have ushered in a whole new wave of sickness that’s left people flocking to the hospital and other types of health practices. As it often goes with pain and fear, many of us are tempted to look for someone to blame. But Nurse Practitioner Sophia Wilmot had another idea entirely–and the Frederick community is benefiting from it greatly.

Meet Nurse Practitioner Sophia Wilmot, the head, heart, and hands behind Summit Nurse Consulting–a one-of-a-kind medical practice with its heart set free. Summit Nurse Consulting is unique in every way, beginning with the fact that it’s an independent medical clinic–meaning that it’s completely independently run, being solely owned and operated by Practitioner Wilmot herself. Though she has a team of faithful, supportive friends and family members who volunteer to help her with various aspects of the business, Summit Nurse Consulting is a one-woman show. This is possible because unlike many other states in the U.S, Maryland allows nurse practitioners full-practice authority. As a result, she’s able to perform a variety of tasks without a doctor’s signature, from writing referrals, to ordering lab tests, to writing prescriptions–and with over 15 years of experience in a wide array of medical settings, she is more than qualified to do these things. As a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Sophia has experience in a variety of medical settings, from the operating room, to the pediatric emergency department, to primary care, to outpatient care, and even to health and wellness clinic settings. Suffice it to say, she’s seen it all and she knows her stuff.

Another aspect that classifies her practice as independent is the fact that it does not accept insurance, and though at first glance it may seem restrictive, it actually serves to enable the whole-hearted, personalized care that Sophia so eagerly and faithfully provides. Being free from the reins of the many rules enforced by insurance companies, Nurse Practitioner Sophia comes to her patients in the comfort of their own homes, allowing her to take the time each patient needs and offer the treatment she believes is best. There are no billing, time, or building restrictions to work around and she’s thus free to offer a higher level of individual care–no matter the circumstance.

These things alone are enough to set Summit Nurse Consulting apart from the rest, but there’s one thing that really makes it unique–and that’s Sophia’s passion for people.

By February of 2020, she was happily married to an incredible man and had just welcomed her third child. Little did she know that the COVID-19 pandemic was just around the corner–and with it, the birth of a brand new dream.

“During the pandemic, family and friends were asking me to help them because they weren't getting the answers they needed from primary care or urgent care,” she recalled. “I also recognized a lot of people were scared about the pandemic–a lot of people were nervous, hurting, [suffering] losses, in confusion…” And as she continued to see the needs of others rising, her desire to meet those needs rose to meet them. Why? It’s simple: she just loves people.

“I just care about people and the community, and I really want people to be getting the answers they need…it’s just not about medicine–it’s about people.” 

This is the real secret sauce to what makes Summit Nurse Consulting different from the rest. It’s not just the natural progression in her career. It’s not simply an extension of her professional interest. It is the manifestation of her deep affection for people and caring for them–mind, body, and soul–that drove her to blaze this trail and that fuels all that she does.

So whether you’re not sure whether to go to the ER or not, need a well-child visit conducted for a toddler, or have a sick loved one on your hands, Nurse Practitioner Sophia Wilmot is not only able to help, but is also truly joyful to help. In the meantime, you might spot her and her family of five at the Urbana Library, visiting the local shops of downtown Frederick or biking in pursuit of donuts around town.