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Spruce up your Fall Tabletop Design with Bespoke Designs

Enhance your table decor this season with tips from Parperpreneur Shari Lebowitz

Article by Kristin Burnell

Photography by Ellyett Photography

Originally published in Greenwich Lifestyle

Bespoke Designs is based out of Westport and offers a bespoke process for discovering your tabletop style. This includes a lifestyle and color consultation, initial tabletop design, product selection, and product sourcing as needed. Bespoke Designs also provides a lookbook presentation that brings each of the disparate parts together, which will help you visualize how the items will look in your home.

We asked Parperpreneur, Shari Lebowitz, to explain why tabletops are important for those who might not be familiar with the design process and she said, “Tabletop is all about how we gather for meals in our homes. Your tabletop style should reflect the mood of your home and should speak to how you like to entertain.”

Whether formal, casual, some combination of both, or even if your entertaining style vacillates with each occasion, season, or home, thinking about your tabletop as a continuation of the rest of your home’s design helps the team at Bespoke Designs pull inspiration from the larger whole, creating a tabletop look that feels thoughtful and cohesive. No matter the style of your home or your preference, they focus on little items throughout your home that will help them begin the process of designing your overall tabletop look. Their mission is to design a tabletop to be a reflection and a representation of you. Bespoke Designs combines color, pattern, and texture as they bring the linens, dinnerware, glassware, serving pieces, and tabletop accessories together for a look that feels both “wow” and affirming every time you sit down to enjoy a meal.

As the crisp Autumn weather rolls in during this month of September, Bespoke Designs recommends bringing warmer tones indoors as the weather cools. Lebowitz suggests metallics, earthenware, softer napkins, hurricanes, pillar and cone candles. She says pieces that can be dressed up or down, that feel easy, and that is easy to take care of are some of the things that their clients have been looking for as we move into the fall. Artisinal ceramics from Portugal and Italy are very hot for them this season.

Lebowitz shares her best design advice, "Don’t wait to use the things you love. Find ways to bring the beauty of special pieces into your every day. Use your grandmother’s silver platter to serve up grilled corn. Mix more contemporary pieces like resin platters in with your classic stainless steel or wooden serving bowls - don’t be afraid of juxtaposition.” She also suggests to mix metals, combining colors in unexpected ways and allowing your accent pieces to do the work of pulling the overall look together.

“A thoughtfully set table is a delight for all, and the great news is that with all the amazing artisans at work in the world today, creating something that feels unique to your home is more achievable now than it has ever been,” explained Lebowitz.

To learn more about the team and the services offered at Bespoke Designs you can head to their website: