Taking the Spa Experience to a New Level

Spa Mariana is opening a third location, focusing on relationship strengthening

With divorce rates so high and having experienced a divorce himself, Spa Mariana CEO and Founder Maciek Lyko has made it a 2020 goal of his to help couples reconnect and make their love stronger. Instead of simply treating the problems among couples, he said there needs to be more opportunities available to couples to prevent it from happening in the first place.

In order to encourage this concept of couple reconnection, Lyko plans to make couples one of the main focuses at his third spa location at 223 N. Eton in Birmingham, which is planned to open within the next couple months. 

“My goal is for couples to come to the spa, connect on an emotional level and cherish the love again,” Lyko explained. “I want couples to learn how to keep the butterflies in the stomach. They feel so good in there, and I want them to feel that good all of the time.”

In addition to other ala carte service offerings like massages, facials, body treatments and more, couples are invited to come in for half-day services, which would include a combination of services like exercise, body treatment, massage, healthy beverage and snack, facial, meditation and more over the course of five or six hours.

“It would be so great for them,” Lyko said. “And it really should be frequent. Every three months or so.”

Spa Mariana has a no cell phone policy, which was put in place to give spa-goers permission to unplug from the real world or, as Lyko would say, “disconnect from the connection.”

“We’re connected but also so disconnected from each other,” he said. “Having no cell phones allows face-to-face connection again, especially for couples.”

Lyko, originally from Poland, was a professional dancer. As a teen, he suffered from a severe ankle injury, which led his mother to seek out a masseuse in order to help him heal. The masseuse was blind, and Lyko said in his blog (macieklyko.com) that “his lack of eyesight gave him what others lacked: a keen sense of touch and the ability to tune into the human body in very subtle ways.” Not only did this masseuse shape who Lyko is as a person today, but he said the entire experience ignited his desire to help others “find their own path to wellness.”

Lyko’s extensive studies include mastery of European massage techniques and Thai massage. In order to reach new levels of expertise, he is continuously seeking out learning opportunities and pushing himself and requires his staff to do the same. In fact, in addition to the required training by the State of Michigan, Spa Mariana’s therapists are asked by Lyko to “strive for more,” spending their first three to six months in weekly workshops in order to learn advanced techniques that provide additional value to sessions.

“We train them to be the best of the best,” Lyko said, proudly.

Lyko published Beyond Relaxation a couple years ago, a book about different departments within the spa business, and is working on another title that includes a seven-step success formula for businesses looking to soar: Maximize Your Massage Therapy Department Profits.

Spa Mariana’s two current locations are at 909 Haynes in Birmingham and 6447 Inkster in Bloomfield Hills. Services include massage therapy, advanced therapies, facials, face treatments, body treatments, nail treatments, waxing, body work, spray tan, eyelash services and more, which are all explained in-depth on spamariana.com. Another one of Lyko’s goals for 2020 is for Spa Mariana to become a member-based spa.

“It’s not a place you come in and out,” Lyko said. “It’s an experience.”

For more information on any of the Spa Mariana locations, send an e-mail to info@spamariana.com or call (248)-792-2050.

Massage Therapy

Lyko believes that “one needs to experience a good massage to know its benefits to body and spirit.” Signature, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Deluxe Full Body, Aromatherapy, Prenatal, LaStone, East-Meets-West, Traditional Thai, Reflexology, Skin Revitalization and Lomi Lomi are only some of the massage therapy options at the Spa Mariana locations. 

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine where a Spa Mariana therapist will place special cups on the skin for a few minutes to create suction; this type of deep-tissue massage could help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and overall well-being.


In addition to half-a-days tailored to couples, they can also be tailored to anyone looking for a longer spa stay with more than one service offering at a time. Each season there will be a new theme with new half-a-day service offerings from Spa Mariana's therapists.

Spa Parties

If you are looking for a memorable and relaxing experience for a group, look no further than Spa Mariana’s Spa Parties, which are a great way to celebrate bridal occasions, birthday celebrations, baby showers, girls’ night-outs and more.

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