The Arbiters of Home Itself

Helping bring your dreams to life, turning your house into a home

Article by Caitlyn Olson

Photography by Photos by Diandra

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

When you think of feeling right at home, what comes to mind? A specific person, place, or thing? For Ty Gentry, owner of West Point Carpet One Floor & Home (West Point), the feeling of home is one he is well acquainted with. And when Ty thinks of feeling right at home, his family, his hometown, and his multigenerational family business come to mind.

Ty’s father, Rocky Gentry, founder of West Point Interiors, discovered his passion for selling carpet and installing flooring shortly after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) with his teaching degree. After a few years working as a teacher and installing carpet in the summers, Rocky worked his way into the industry and purchased the business in 1998. Little did he know, his knack for installation would become a family tradition that would root him and his family in Greeley for generations to come.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Ty graduated from UNC with his teaching degree in 2004. Though his love for his family’s business was well established, having installed carpet every summer since he was 16. Shortly after graduating, Ty began working alongside his father, and by 2006, was #1 in sales. “I really enjoyed it, to say the least, “Ty explains. Little did he know, his knack for design would, over the years, help turn hundreds of Greeley’s houses into homes. 

Though West Point Carpet specializes in carpet, hardwood, tile, walls, countertops, and backsplashes, it is Ty’s relationship with his clients that truly helps bring their home to life. “We are people driven; we do this for them.” 

The Gentrys are the best in their business because they know what it means to feel at home. Ty says, “Greeley is in my blood.” 

Helping bring your dreams to life, turning your house into a home, is what Rocky and Ty Gentry have been doing at West Point Carpet One Floor & Home since 1998. There is no better name to trust to design your home than the arbiters of home itself.  

Beyond a deeply rooted feeling of home and community, Ty has a natural eye for design. With over 18 years in the business, Ty has spent his career learning popular trends, color blends, and a variety of materials. To help turn your house into a home, here are five design tips from Ty himself:

  1. A Touch of Nature. Tie in fashionable gray tones with a hint of natural color using Blonde Oaks and Clear Maples for cabinets and open shelving.

  2. Less is More. When doing tile work, go for a simple design with larger format tiles and rectangle tiles set in a fashionable way.

  3. Waterproof Flooring. Consider Waterproof Laminate instead of real hardwood to help with rigidity and transitions to other flooring like tile. 

  4. Carpet Fiber Face Off. PTT Polyester vs. Nylon is an ongoing battle, but you can’t go wrong with either. Poly has a better price point with fantastic stain blocking capabilities and vivid colors. Nylon’s have a rigid composition that maintains beautifully over time.

  5. Is Gray still in? Yes! Though look for the sandy blonde colors. We’ve seen many shades of grays over the years, and the warmer tones are starting to make a dramatic entrance.

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