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Trust is Everything

Chris Tolar, Owner of Stonebridge Builders

Article by Allison Bankston

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Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Years of experience in public service have given Chris Tolar a unique perspective on life and the significance of excellent communication to the world of home remodeling. As a former police officer for the City of Golden and former member of The United States Air Force, both in the U.S. and Germany, Chris understands the importance of putting people's minds at ease and reassuring them in any situation. This valuable skill set forms the foundation of Stonebridge Builders in Arvada, where Chris and his team are committed to providing exceptional experiences during the client’s home renovation journey.  

It's important to Chris that clients stay informed and know his team will treat any customer's home with respect. “I only hire people I personally trust.” It's an intimate thing, having people in your house doing work for an extended period of time. “We make sure our staff and crews are professional, fully vetted, and just good people.”

Chris started Stonebridge Builders around the end of 2005. “I wanted to create a business where people wanted to show up for work, were engaged, and felt valued.” The business started with house remodels and things like updating kitchens. Eventually, Stonebridge Builders started taking on larger jobs. As the company developed a strong reputation, architects became eager to collaborate with them, while Chris says they still remain dedicated to working directly with individual homeowners, as well.

Covid took a toll on the company. “We pivoted and started focusing more on residential jobs.” Homeowners realized the importance of creating functional and comfortable spaces, leading the team to do a multitude of home upgrades including home offices, kitchen remodels, sound rooms, and basement refinishing projects. That adaptability and resilience during a difficult time allowed the company to continue growing and serving clients effectively.

Chris's favorite part of the job is connecting with clients and understanding their vision for their dream homes. “I love capturing the spirit of what they had in mind and working on the technical problem-solving challenges associated with construction.”

Stonebridge Builders can handle just about any size job. They've done a lot of big commercial projects including work on the Two Twin Towers and large apartment complexes in Denver. The company collaborates extensively with multiple municipal housing authorities and nonprofits in the Denver metro area.  

Mile High Behavioral Health Center has been a client for more than thirteen years. Stonebridge Builders is currently converting commercial space into housing units for the center. In fact, one of Chris' all time favorite projects was working on a battered women's shelter for the center. “The women who were going to be living there made me a quilt and wrote thank you letters to our team. We were helping women get out of awful situations, and the quilt was just so touching and meant so much.” 

Stonebridge Builders works with designers and experts on flooring, cabinetry, and other components. They can help you find the best quality options for your price point. “And we break down all the major costs for customers, which not everyone does,” says Chris. “We want you to refer us to your friends and become raving fans. We give everyone the best service we possibly can and keep communication flowing.”

If you have a basement that needs finishing, a home remodeling job in mind, or a kitchen that needs updating, Chris and his team would love to talk with you about how to make your dream spaces come to life. Check out or call 303-425-9999. 

  • Chris Tolar, Owner/Photo by Rachel Audette, The Turquoise Camera

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