What to Expect

What to expect when you are expecting a home remodel

Take a deep breath. This will be a journey, but you'll have something beautiful and new when it's over. While this may be your first, professionals like Cindy and Joe Roeser have been delivering incredible design projects for generations. Here's their list of what to expect when you're expecting to remodel your home.


Save money from the start. Most Design-Build firms have an architect they work with or do the drawings in-house, which saves money. If you hire an architect, select your remodeler before beginning design work. Architects are creative, but they may design beyond the budget.

2.       BUDGET: 

Most remodelers want to help you get the most from your budget. Trusting your remodeler is vital. If you are willing to welcome a company to enter your life for months, you must be able to share your thoughts and feelings with them. Honest conversations, especially about budget, are essential to a successful project.

3.       DESIGN:

Everyone loves a beautiful design. Your project may be stunning, but if it isn't functional for kids or a busy lifestyle (floating shelves may be beautiful but not practical for the way you live), that designer might not be the right fit for you. Check their portfolios, visit a job site or a finished project and get to know their process. Remember, most professionals only share their ideas with a financial commitment.

4.       HGTV:

 We all LOVE HGTV and the unbelievable spaces they create. "Unbelievable" is the keyword. Television programs are designed to entertain. Camera technology can make things appear more beautiful than they really are. Think not well-built, not high-quality. And they completed those projects for how much? We are friends with remodelers from all across the country and Canada, and we share the same truth - none of us could ever come close to completing those projects on those budgets. Keep your remodel in perspective.

5.       PRICES:

Remodeling prices are not coming down. When lumber prices skyrocketed, building pricing increased across the board. And lumber pricing has come down, other areas of building continue to be affected. Builders have absorbed price increases in everything from gas to dumpsters. Labor shortages cause delays and longer lead times. The lack of trade workers is expected to decline, so you may not want to put off what you would like to remodel now.


The future of designing around technology will most definitely be built around a "Technology Hub" in your home. Automation isn't the future - it's now. Everything from blinds, appliances, lights, and thermostats has built-in automation. Talk with a technology expert about what can be remodeled now to make a future transaction into technology less invasive.


Share your big-picture plans. If a Remodeler knows what you want to complete someday, they can help you prioritize so that down the line, you are not ripping out something you just did three years ago. Phasing projects out is a wonderful way to create the home of your dreams. One project at a time, and before you know it- ten years have gone by, and you are living the dream!


Be patient. Delays are happening with high demand, un-skilled workers, and poor-quality products or finishes. Remember, you are paying to remodel your home into your dream home - it should be perfect. Be pleased if your contractor demands quality that expresses their workmanship and your hard-earned money.


Deciding on a contractor is difficult, but don't decide solely on price. Ask questions about allowances, builder-grade products, and electrical and HVAC challenges. Contractors can only see what is inside the wall once it's opened. Put aside some money for unanticipated expenses. We track our change orders, and 98% are due to electric issues. Document when your questions were asked and addressed, and get everything in writing. Email is great for that.


Nobody likes them, but they happen. Make sure your remodeler has a change order policy- ask what it is and how change orders are addressed. Have it in writing, have a cost associated with it, and make sure you have the right to approve it or decline it. Municipality codes change constantly. Cities are starting to enforce codes that have yet to be dealt with. Those can be a big surprise which results in considerable costs passed on to the homeowner. Code issues are never negotiable. Best practice- set some surprise money aside, and if you don't need it- it's money in the bank.

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Remodelers want to help you get the most from your budget. Trusting your remodeler is vital. If you are willing to welcome them into your life for months, you must be able to communicate with them.

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