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When to Use A Local Insurance Agent

There’s an old quote that goes something like “Whatever excuses you have for not buying life insurance will someday sound ridiculous to your widow.” 

You could apply that to all insurance with another oft-repeated phrase “You don’t realize how important insurance is until you need it.” 

But how do you figure out what you need, how much and when?

Independent insurance agents deal with those questions on a daily basis and it's why their role is crucial when it comes time to buy insurance.

“Insurance can be a complicated purchase. You’re not buying bread or milk. You’re buying a promise of protection that could potentially make or break your financial well-being,” says the company Mutual Benefit Group, which stresses that an agent can act as your advocate and advisor, an opinion echoed by local agents. 

Here are three who weighed in on the topic of why you should use an agent when buying insurance. 

Coe Bancroft, CPCU

Independent State Farm agent 

“It’s great to have insurance with an agent who you can talk to directly about things like whether or not to put in a claim or when to put in a claim. If you call an insurer directly you’ll never talk to the same person more than once.  Having an agent who understands you, your situation and the claims process is a big help because insurance is something you really should have guidance on. If you call my office you’re going to get experienced, caring people who can answer your questions and guide them on what their policy covers. It’s a lot better than calling a company directly. And having an agent who lives where you live is important as well. Certainly there are coverages that are more important in Connecticut than in other parts of the country. Liability interest will change depending on income and assets and I like to guide people to help them make informed decisions. Having previously worked in claims I’ve seen how different coverages have played out and I’m not going to recommend all the bells and whistles if they don’t need them. “

Coe Bancroft

State Farm Insurance

103 New London Turnpike, Suite A


Germany Jimenez

Independent Geico Agent

“Your GEICO local agent and your local insurance office can do many lines of insurance such as auto, homeowners, RV, motorcycle, boat, Identity Theft and umbrella coverage. With a local office you get that local experience and knowledge. We work for the customer, whereas if you just go online and look for a policy you just get a quote after filling out a form. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting the coverage and protection that are best for you. A local agent can do all of that. We make sure we get you the best rate with the best protection. We advocate for our clients, but we also educate them on our products and what’s best for them and why. We can also help them look down the road and plan for future needs, especially now with natural disasters on the rise. Home ownership is one of the greatest assets and investments so having the right and adequate coverage is critical. 

Germany Jimenez, GEICO

372 Middle Turnpike West, Manchester



Anton D. Reed

Owner, Managing Principal, Adion Financial Group

“There is tremendous value in working with an insurance agent. Your agent is always going to be an advocate for you. If you call into an insurance company they don’t know you, they don’t understand your overall needs and financial picture. An agent is truly your advocate and they are there to fight for you when required as when claims occur.  When you utilize an independent agent in general you can control the buying experience far greater than if you’re just calling an insurance company. When we work with clients we look at all of our markets to make sure we’re offering you the best product possible, and that we’re getting you the best premium that we can. When you go online to purchase insurance, what may seem good from a price standpoint may not actually be all that is truly required or needed and may leave you exposed with coverage gaps. The online form that takes your information doesn’t know you, your family, and what’s important to you that you want and need to protect. We want to have a conversation with you and really get to know you and your situation. Insurance is really not that simple and sometimes, after one claim, you’ll realize how complicated it can be. That’s when you find out that maybe you don’t have enough coverage or the right coverage. With a local agent you have an advisor whose goal is to create a long term relationship and help you develop and change your policies and products over time. I love being able to serve as advisor and have these long term relationships with my clients.” 

Anton D. Reed

Adion Financial Group

703 Hebron Ave. 



  • Germany Jimenez
  • Coe Bancroft