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Women in Sports

Ana Gonzalez Makes Franchise History

Women in Sports is a movement that has gained steam throughout the years.  With the help of newsworthy events such as the USWNT equal pay lawsuit and athletes like Simone Biles earning the title of GOAT while dealing with health issues, it's no wonder fans rally behind female athletes who compete in front of millions and help the success of a multibillion dollar industry.

But what about females who don't compete?  Those who work behind the scenes to help give experiences and memories to spectators and fans alike.  

Fortunately, we don't have to go far to gain personal insight into the Women in Sports movement.  

The Allen Americans Professional Hockey team was established in 2009 and captured four consecutive league championships from 2013 to 2016.   

In April 2021, Ana Gonzalez joined the staff as Director of Social Impact.  Her role was to work with local nonprofits, as well as rebrand and relaunch the Allen Americans Foundation.  

By April 2022, Gonzalez was promoted to Vice President of Social Impact and added the title of Executive Director of the newly named Allen Americans Red Lamp Foundation to her resume.  Gonzalez is the first female in franchise history to boast a Vice President title.

“I'm responsible for bringing the Allen Americans brand, team, and opportunities to the community.  I work with nonprofits, booster clubs, student athletes and organizations to fundraise and help bring awareness to their programs."

“Through our Hockey is for Everyone initiative, we don't focus on one specific cause or core pillars.  We celebrate and help all types of nonprofits in the North Texas area."

“We offer scholarships for Allen seniors and host community appreciation nights where we invite first responders, veterans, and school district faculty and staff. In addition, we're able to give back to the community through in-game experiences such as our Teddy Bear Toss, Underwear Toss and donation drives.”

Gonzalez grew up an athlete and her primary focus was competitive soccer. “I always enjoyed sports and the comradery that accompanies it…either as a player or spectator,” she said. “I'm still friends with my teammates from 30 years ago. I still have the competitive spirit, and I think that has really helped me in my career to keep pushing myself to be better.”

After graduating from Texas Christian University with a degree in Radio/Television/Film, Gonzalez spent many years in television, including sports broadcasting. In fact, she was contracted by the Allen Americans during their inaugural season to work in house broadcasting.  

“This is actually my second stint with the Americans,” she laughs.  

During her career, Gonzalez won numerous state and national awards for producing, editing, and writing, including two Lone Star EMMY’s. Her passion for community involvement came when her great aunt and great uncle formed the Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez Foundation, a family foundation dedicated to helping nonprofits in the South Texas area. 

“As a result, I was able to merge my passion for sports, broadcasting and philanthropy when I accepted the position, the rewards, and challenges of working in the front office of a professional hockey team,” she said. “This job is 25 years in the making.”

One major challenge Gonzalez admits to is the actual work schedule. Late nights, weekends, long days, and working holidays are taxing.    

“It’s not unusual to go almost a month without a day off as the season approaches, especially when you're balancing every day work and festivals on the weekends,” she said. “But the excitement and anticipation of bringing an experience to our fans and community members is the motivation that keeps me going. I always find time to rest, but being able to smile while at work makes the hard schedule bearable.” 

Although working in sports comes with challenges, Gonzalez chooses to focus on the positives, and her “why” is simple: “I honestly believe in our product. Sports bring people together.  We are one of the few products where strangers can celebrate together.  If someone is having a bad day, we get to offer a moment for them to smile.  We bring men, women, and multiple generations together under one roof to cheer on our team, high five each other, and meet new people.  We offer nights where families can come together, a fun first date night, girls night out, or an evening for a parent to enjoy time with a child one-on-one.

“To be able to combine that gift, while helping the community that I love, is an honor.”  

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