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Dr. Kudish and her team.

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You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

Trumbull Dental Arts offers the most advanced and revolutionary esthetic veneer technique.

Article by Samantha Schoengold Beranbom

Photography by TK

Originally published in Fairfield Lifestyle

Usually, September is when we start thinking about updating our wardrobe or taking the leap on a new hairstyle. And while fashion trends come and go - investing in and caring for a new smile will always stay in style.

Connecticut native and mother of 2, Alison Kudish has always been a creative. From painting to sculpting jewelry, she thought her life would follow an artist's trajectory. But being the daughter of a periodontist, dentistry was in her DNA. An appreciation for science and the human body, juxtaposed with an artistic eye and skillful hand, the dental arts seemed destined. She completed her Doctor of Medical Dentistry from the University of Connecticut and General Practice Residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard School of Dental Medicine. She also always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so eventually, starting her own practice, Trumbull Dental Arts, was inevitable. 

Trumbull Dental Arts is a family and cosmetic practice with a holistic approach. Traditional dentistry treats one tooth at a time, and historically, the dentist looks at your mouth, suggests flossing more, and sends you on your way. Early on, Dr. Kudish realized she would offer a more thoughtful approach. "The mouth is connected to the rest of the body and the oral microbiome truly affects one's overall health." Dr. Kudish believes incorporating stress management, good sleep habits and proper nutrition into her patients' care is as essential as maintaining teeth and gums. Prevention is also crucial. Since poor oral health is linked to chronic illness, including heart disease, diabetes and arthritis, she urges cleanings every six months to clear out bacteria and thwart infection. Simply stated, regular cleanings helps you feel better. 

She also sees the power that cosmetic dentistry has in her patients' lives. Dr. Kudish was trained in the most advanced and revolutionary esthetic veneer technique by the top esthetic dentists in the world. This technique enhances a patient's smile while preserving the natural tooth structure. While working with true artisans in the field of ceramics, restorations on the front teeth look natural and life-like. "I love when a patient returns after treatment reporting that everyone is asking what work they've had done, but no one can tell it's a smile enhancement!" She is changing patients' lives by improving their health and bettering their smiles. "Another thing that is incredibly important to me is my team," Dr Kudish underscores. "We collaborate and communicate new ideas. We all take pride in what we do." From the minute they walk in, patients are treated like family. Dr. Kudish takes her time with each patient, offering a highly personalized, individualized touch. 

"My mentality is to always be better than the day before." A self-described, extroverted introvert, Dr. Kudish gets her energy from her work, especially from her patients and staff. She has taken her practice's holistic approach to wellness to better balance her own life. Her self-care routine has become a critical part of her day. Finding balance has not only been restorative but a source of pride, as well, for this recovering overachiever. She has cultivated a practice of taking time for herself, which includes breath work, meditation and connecting with nature. She has also set a daily intention, "Finding joy in everything I do, is something I practice every day and that has totally changed my life." And that is certainly something to smile about.

Trumbull Dental Arts 

160 Hawley Lane, Ste 101 

Trumbull, CT


“I love when a patient returns after treatment reporting that everyone is asking what work they’ve had done but no one can tell it’s a smile enhancement!” 

  • Dr. Alison Kudish of Trumbull Dental Arts
  • Dr. Kudish and her team.