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Living Boise Style

The natural beauty of the desert inspires our lives and sense of style

Article by Kay Bird

Photography by Jenny Lossee + Josiah Ness

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

Boise style is a frame of mind. Ask anyone what “Boise style” means to them and you’re likely to get as many answers as there are people in the Treasure Valley.  It’s a bold attitude that says, “I’ll do it my way.”  It’s the fresh spirit of creativity.  It’s an outlook of independence and strength.  Our style is about the way we live.

We may or may not follow fashion trends, but we stay true to our own aesthetic.  We mix rugged textures with soft fabrics.  We use our skin as a canvass for creating art with makeup.  We go everywhere – from a hike in the Foothills to dinner downtown afterward -  and do it without changing our boots.

Our active and busy lives dictate our fashion choices, but Boise Style is timeless. It’s the distinct landscape and natural beauty of the land that inspires our sense of style.    The variety of rich colors of the desert - think taupes, greens, rusts, and terra cotta – feel right on our clothes, too. Give us organic cottons, sustainably raised wool and cashmere, and a standout leather coat and we become part of the landscape ourselves.

1.  Neutral Tones – mix and match a varying range of monochromatic colors for a look that is always chic.

2.  Statement Jewelry – unique, custom, or handmade pieces are designed to be impactful and worn with purpose.

3.  Leather –Everything from leather dresses to men’s shirts to jumpsuits will live in your closet forever.  Buy the statement coat you can throw over anything and you’ll never regret the investment.

4.  The Classics:  Aviator sunglasses.  White t-shirt.  Timeless watch.  Leather boots.  Wool cardigan.  Cashmere anything. 

5.  Things that never go out of style:  A sense of adventure.  A smile.  Kindness.


Photography: Jenny Losee Photography

Models:  Jemier Dodd, Baili Scotton

Makeup and Hair: Skyla Dawn Hawks at Cora Tod Salon

Wardrobe: Robert Comstock + Piece Unique Clothing Co.

Jewelry: Simmons Fine Jewelry 

Photoshoot Coordinator: Lindsey Bryant 

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  • **see NOTES for Captions
  • **see NOTES for Captions
  • **see NOTES for Captions in bullet format
  • **see NOTES for Captions in bullet format
  • **see NOTES for Captions in bullet format
  • **see NOTES for Captions in bullet format
  • **see NOTES for Captions in bullet format