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Mouthwatering Must-Try Food Trucks

Article by Andres Molina

Photography by Courtesy of Custom Pizza and Slidin' Thru

Originally published in South Vegas City Lifestyle

“What do you want for lunch?” This question might be tough for you to answer with all the mouthwatering options around town. Restaurants and buffets featuring food from around the world span across the valley at various price points. Satisfying all your dining needs is possible in a city like Las Vegas, from a quick bite to a five-course meal. A satisfying meal or snack is likely to find you by rolling up on wheels.

South Vegas City Lifestyle discovered two top food trucks that are a must-try — Custom Pizza and Slidin’ Thru.

Chef and Co-owner Bart Wawrzyszak says he has grown Custom Pizza to the largest mobile pizzeria in the United States. And it isn’t your average food truck - it’s a custom kitchen on wheels imported from Europe.

Custom Pizza is based in Las Vegas, serving locals on the move and private and public event bookings. The mobile pizzeria sticks to the basics by offering four crowd-pleasing pizza flavors: cheese, pepperoni, Margherita, and spicy beef.

“Though simple in theory, it’s complex to ensure the quality and taste are noticeably delivered with every bite as we work to make every pizza perfect,” said Chef Bart.

Custom Pizza has been serving the Las Vegas Valley for three years, but the business originally started in 2014 with Chef Bart’s brother, Pawel, across the Atlantic in Poland. Pawel set out on a mission to build “the most extraordinary food truck in Central Europe.” Pawel enlisted the help of his brother to accomplish his ambitious goal. Chef Bart was a college student at the time his brother asked him to buy an American truck in the U.S. and have it shipped to Poland. Bart found the perfect truck - a freight liner with a Mercedes Benz engine and manual transmission.

After receiving the vehicle, Pawel and his team spent ten months building what would one day become the Custom Pizza Truck. The team did not use a shipping container; instead, they custom welded a frame and built everything from scratch, including the oven and glass walls. In 2015, the food truck was ready for business and started operating in Poland.

Custom Pizza Truck eventually made its way back to the States, making it “the only food truck that has traveled across the Atlantic Ocean twice,” said Chef Bart.

The secret of the Custom Pizza Truck lies in the details of the handmade craft. “We were very successful thanks to phenomenal private and corporate customers that appreciate the greatness and simplicity,” said Chef Bart. “We make everything from scratch, stick to the methods we worked on for years, and use the best local distributors that provide honest and genuine products to our customers.”

If you are craving the freshest gourmet sliders, look no further. Slidin' Thru is known for propelling the food truck scene in Las Vegas to new heights as one of the most sought-after food vendors in the valley. The slider-slinging food truck has been featured in multiple television shows and magazines and has won numerous awards.

Owner and Operator Edward Tallman says that Slidin’ Thru’s most popular sliders are its Pep Pep and Barby. The Pep Pep includes Angus beef, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, sautéed onions, a pickle, and homemade super sauce. While the Barby features Angus beef, American cheese, caramelized jalapenos, barbeque sauce, and crispy onion strips. But you won’t want to ignore the Caprese, Buffalo Soldier, Mediterranean-style Yaya, or Porky. And then pair your favorite slider with regular or sweet potato fries.

Tallman discovered his love of food trucks after working on one after he moved to Las Vegas. He enjoyed the freedom and atmosphere of the industry and began learning everything he could about food trucks and how to make quality fast food. Soon, he started managing two food trucks, which later expanded to five. With word on the street of Tallman’s success, he was contacted by the Food Network and gained notoriety with his nine-season stint on The Great Food Truck Race.

In 2019, Tallman bought the company he was working for, making him the proud owner of The Food Factory LV with five food trucks, including Sincity Wings, Sincity Pizza, Bens BBQ, El Queso Guero, and, of course, Slidin' Thru.

While Slidin' Thru food truck satisfies customers at Downtown Las Vegas’ First Friday and other local events and large festivals, it also offers catering services for parties, wedding events, and more.